Deleted emails

  muddypaws 20:42 16 Apr 2003

In O/X how do you delete 'deleted' emails,i.e emails that are in the deleted box other than by deleting one by one. Just trying to confirm that I an brain dead! Thanks every one. Don't get killed in the rush!!

  crx16 20:46 16 Apr 2003

you need to check the box 'empty messages from deleted items folder on exit'


  beeuuem 20:57 16 Apr 2003

Or right click on the 'Deleted Items'folder.

  MAJ 21:24 16 Apr 2003

Or click on the first message, hold down the shift key and click on the last message, right click and choose delete. Or while in the deleted items folder hold down the Ctrl and A keys and click the delete icon on the toolbar.

To be on the safe side, I wouldn't empty the folder "on exit" as crx16 advised, unless you were really sure you wanted all deleted without checking first.

  muddypaws 21:30 16 Apr 2003

Thanks. I opted for yours crx16 as it was the first choice. All done. Know next time.

  muddypaws 21:33 16 Apr 2003

Too late!! No it's OK thanks. I didn't want any of them. Cheers

  crx16 21:35 16 Apr 2003

i only gave that option,as i myself didnt see an easier way,beeuum has pointed out a simpler way,and MAJ has pointed out the obvious changing my set up.

maybe you should too.once there gone,there gone.

  MAJ 21:53 16 Apr 2003

Sorry crx16, it was only as a precaution that I mentioned it, sometimes if one has message rules set up to send to the deleted items folder, a "good" email can get caught in the net and deleted permanently by accident, or if the old finger slips and one is inadvertently sent to the deleted items folder, it can be deleted permanently. But if you're sure of all your deleted emails, that is as good a way as any, and the quickest.

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