Deleted email address but still there under the blue heading

  March Wind 22:57 18 Nov 2013

I find this very strange. I am using Win8 I use Hotmail

If I click on People, the email addresses that I want are there.

But if I click Email where it says Add Subject, ready to send an email I put first initial, To (D) the old email address are still there for me to choose from, that should have been deleted. (off my PC). Could you explain this to me please as I want my deleted email addresses off the PC and off my hotmail list

  chub_tor 09:32 19 Nov 2013

The email details that show up in People are imported from your accounts and you can only add or remove them via Accounts. Go to the right hand side of the screen and bring up the Charms bar, scroll down to Settings and click on Accounts. That will show you which Accounts have been imported into People. For example you might have Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc and any email addresses from those accounts will show in People. If you want to remove people you have to remove them from the account they are registered in. If you only have a Hotmail account then go to your browser and bring up and log in then go to the People tab using the drop down arrow and delete any contacts that you don't need from there.

  March Wind 19:20 20 Nov 2013

I have two accounts one is Hotmail. I have done what you suggested but cannot see any names NOT ONE, I did not import any one as I do not know how to. I would have opened up my Hotmail on this Win 8 pc. I did copy emails from my old pc onto my external drive and have used the external drive I know I have sent one email to a person who I want off my pc from Win 8 but there is another one that is there under my emails but never sent that person an email on this Win 8 PC, so all is still the same, What next?

  chub_tor 10:38 21 Nov 2013

I'm not sure that I quite understand but are you saying that when you went to to see your Hotmail account that there are no names in the People list?

You say that you have two accounts, is the other one a webmail account or a POP account?

  March Wind 12:42 21 Nov 2013

I did not see a people list.

I also have an email address in Windows Live Mail POP 3. It is the hot mail I am in need help with, I will try again to see if I can find a people list if I can I will let you know in Five mins.

  March Wind 12:53 21 Nov 2013

All I see when I sign in is my normal email no peoples list

  lotvic 14:15 21 Nov 2013

Sounds like it is the 'Autocomplete for email Addresses' feature that is getting email addresses from your emails.

"How do I get Hotmail Live to stop auto completing a sent to name when I type in just the first letter and NEVER added that name to my contacts?"

click here

You can set up Windows Live Hotmail to auto-complete only names and addresses in your contact list, not everybody with whom you've exchanged mail in the past.

  chub_tor 16:16 21 Nov 2013

To see the People list go to and log in. Then when you emails come up click on the downpointed arrow next to Outlook and you will see Mail. People, Calendar and Skydrive. click on People and you will see all your Hotmail contacts.

  March Wind 16:22 21 Nov 2013

I'm struggling. I couldn't find options then it appeared now it has gone. I did not see More Options in this to click on.

Also I keep getting lots and lots of things in my deleted box which I HAVE NOT DELETED one is my external hard drive with all the things I have in it. Fancy a cup of tea

  lotvic 17:21 21 Nov 2013

Take two aspirins and lie down in a darkened room.

  March Wind 17:30 29 Nov 2013

A friend sorted it for me thank you. They might still be on my PC but they are hidden. What needed to be done was I had to put a tick in the box where it said only show people in my contacts list. Thank you for helping with my problem

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