Deleted E-mails by mistake - can I get them back?

  darkster 11:04 10 Aug 2003

Hi all,

Just made a silly schoolboy error (Hungover!!!) and deleted my Outlook Express inbox rather than my deleted folder! I would be grateful if someone could tell me If or how I can get them back. (Windows XP)

Thanks in advance.

  Keith 11:07 10 Aug 2003

I use Outlook, but I would imagine that OE is much the same. The files you deleted from your Inbox should now be in your Deleted folder. Open your Deleted folder, highlight the files you want back, and drag them to your Inbox. Keith

  darkster 11:11 10 Aug 2003

Thanks for the quick response Keith. The trouble is that I have deleted them from the Deleted items folder. I was thinking I might be able to recall them from within Windows somehow?

  Wak 11:55 10 Aug 2003

I have just recovered a deleted E-mail file from the hard drive by using a program called FastFileUndelete which I can send you if you e-mail me your address.
There is also another program called Rest2514 (Restoration) which you could possibly get off the net (try Google)
However, I would suggest that you don't use your computer too much as you may write over the deleted files.
Also, some recovery programs slightly alter the name of the file or the extension so just change them back to what they should be and they should then re-load OK.

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