Deleted E Mails on hard disc

  Fruin 14:55 16 Jul 2003

I ran "disc investigator" and found that the subject heading and E Mail address of every E Mail I have sent is still on my hard disc. I have run several eraser programmes but the details are still on the dis (as it may be on yours). Does anyone know how to delete.

  AndySD 15:05 16 Jul 2003

Do you want a clean disk to reload the operating system onto ???

  Confab 15:34 16 Jul 2003

Are they in your deleted items folder? Have you actually deleted them or are they still in a folder on your hard drive somewhere?

  Fruin 17:50 16 Jul 2003

To Amdy SD and Confab

A clean disc would probably be the best way

I use AOLand they were deletd. What appears to beleft is the address and teh subject of the E Mail but not thye content. I have also found that all the spam Mail I have received is shown in the sasme way


  AndySD 18:03 16 Jul 2003

As the pc boots look for the manufacturer of the hard disk.... or go into the setup/bios the name will be there.... then go to their web site and look under downloads ..... there is normally a floppy disk download there to clean the disk.

It will need to be partitioned and formatted afterwards though.

  Fruin 18:08 16 Jul 2003

Thanks for reply, unfortunately the machine is new and it aint got a floppy drive. This has caused problems before

  AndySD 18:11 16 Jul 2003

Windows XP ..?

Do you have the full CD or just a restore CD?

  AndySD 18:16 16 Jul 2003

Before diong this it may be worth copying a whole data cd into a folder on the desktop.... then delete the file remember to remove it from the recycle bin... now Defragmenting the disk as the file movement may overwrite the data still there. Then check with disc investigator

  Fruin 18:18 16 Jul 2003

It is Windows XP and all I got was the recovery disc

  AndySD 18:26 16 Jul 2003

ok then your only real option is to overwrite the data still on the disk.

  Fruin 18:29 16 Jul 2003


Thanks for your help, I think your right

Much appreciated

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