Deleted D drive when installing Windows 7

  Mathieu2205 11:17 01 Dec 2016


When re-installing windows 7 i accidentally deleted my D-drive, instead of deleteing windows of my C. Now there is no sign of it does not appear in my computer, "disk drives" or disk manager.

Anyone that can help me? It was my back up drive.

  lotvic 11:50 01 Dec 2016

Was your D drive a partition on the same hard drive as C or is it a completely separate hard disk?

Have a look in Disk Management and post back with what is listed in there.

It's possible D has just lost it's drive letter, if so then it won't show in My Computer. If that is the simple cause, you can assign a drive letter in Disk Management. (Don't mess with C: drive partition)

  Secret-Squirrel 12:19 01 Dec 2016

.....there is no sign of it does not appear in......... disk manager.

If it was a partition and doesn't appear in the Disk Management console then it's gone. If the D: drive was a separate fixed disk then make sure it's properly connected.

There are numerous recovery programs available that can recover files and folders from deleted and/or formatted partitions. I tried to help a chap with a problem like this a while ago and he eventually had success with this program. I've never used it myself but the original poster claimed it worked miracles.

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