Delete unwanted partitions in Windows 98

  Neill 18:34 19 Apr 2003

A neighbour has Windows 98 with the hard disk partioned into C, D, E and F for some stupid reason and as a result the C drive is nearly full and messages to that effect keep appearing. There is virtually nothing of consequence on the other 3 "paritions" so can they be deleted and somehow the disk space be "given back" to the C drive?
Thanks, Neill

  concretepigsy 19:13 19 Apr 2003

yes neil you can

cant remember how but you definetely can

  Brian-336451 19:36 19 Apr 2003

Do not use FDISK.

The programme that would excel sorting this out would be Partition Magic as it non-destructively returns the space to the C drive without disturbing it's contents.

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