Delete Temp Files ?

  rawprawn 10:27 06 Feb 2005

Spybot always finds about four files listed as Logs which it cannot delete. I have tried letting it delete them at boot up but with no luck. It always says they are "Protected or in use " by another program. I can find them OK but I cant open them any ideas ? This is one of them

  rawprawn 10:31 06 Feb 2005

I should have said I can delete them using the path in Windows Explorer but they come back, If they are just logs I wonder why I can't open them.

  Gongoozler 10:39 06 Feb 2005

I think these ~df files are safe ones generated by Windows, and the reason you can't delete them is that they are in use. You could boot into Safe Mode and try to delete them that way, but I think Windows will just generate another set.

  Gongoozler 10:42 06 Feb 2005

I had a look in my system and found several files of this type. I was able to view them in Wordpad, but they didn't make any sense. This is a small extract from one of them :-

àÚ6ÙÔ:‘?ÉÃ=`]¸·¡ÏÏË[email protected]ÈÂââßÁ¼/)'¢?*a].ÛÕ%¼·pl8§¤z|x,†‚ ie'ÑÌ5ÛÕqnÉÃ#?_[YB¨£˜–|˜”>|xfc\YÁÀ¦PM˜•_ÒÌ( QN&œ—óóñÑË¢ ŒßÙD?‰H ?m>>=?ŒXrn)¾¹@ÞÝ׳­åà?£Ÿ?1/?Œ ãÝ"çà çâ6/-qmåßOLííëçá+LKFç௯ªÿÿÿ!ù

  rawprawn 10:45 06 Feb 2005

I think that you are right but if they are Temp Logs then why can I delete them out of windows Explorer, but Spybot can't, even when run at boot. It's not really important, it's just one of those things I can't understand (One of the many)

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