Delete registry entry?

  stlucia2 20:59 25 Jun 2011

I uninstalled my copy of Lotus SMARTSuite a couple of weeks ago, because it was installed on the wrong drive. I then used Norton Partition Magic to combine a couple of my partitions, and I added an external USB HDD. So, most of my drive letters are different now from what they were a week ago.

Now I wish to re-install Lotus, on my C:\ drive this time, but after I get past the initial installation screen, I get an error 1327 invalid drive J:. I've used regedit to check the registry, and under HKEYCURRENTUSER\software\ I find a folder for Lotus, which has references to drive J:\ in several entries.

I could go through and manually edit all the J:\ references to C:. But I was wondering, since Lotus is currently not installed on my PC, is it safe to simply delete the Lotus folder and all its sub-folders from the registry?

  rdave13 21:20 25 Jun 2011

In regedit click on the edit tab, click on find and type Lotus Smart. Delete what it finds. Reboot and try installing again.

  Zeppelyn 22:09 25 Jun 2011

Yes its ok to delete, CCleaner will do a better job for you, go to to download. Also I sincerely hope its Windows XP you have, under NO circumstances use Norton Partition Magic on a Vista or Windows 7 machine, its not been supported since Norton bought it and will severely damage Vista or 7 partitions. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good free alternative.

  rdave13 22:21 25 Jun 2011


Ccleaner has the mildest form of registry cleaning known to geeks. Unfortunately only the 'find' in regedit can remove all, or most of, Lotus Smart. Hopefully it will allow a reinstall.

  stlucia2 22:23 25 Jun 2011

Thanks guys.

I've used CCleaner already, and it hasn't got rid of the orphaned entries, or corrected them to a valid drive letter.

I've just realised there's also a Lotus folder in C:\Documents and settings\myusername\Local Settings\temp. I presume it's okay to delete that too?

Yes, it's XP. I know that Vista and later have got their own utility to do what Partition Magic does.

  rdave13 22:36 25 Jun 2011

Yes, delete that temp folder.

Have a look at Revo uninstaller next time you need to uninstal.

At the moment only for 32 bit software. Apparently even the pro version has difficulty recognising software for 64 bit.


  stlucia2 08:33 26 Jun 2011

OK, I've deleted the lotus folder in the registry, and the temporary one in Documents and Setting, but Lotus still gives the 1327 error when I try to install it.

I've used the "Find" function in regedit to look for all references to J:\ (which is no longer a valid drive on my PC) and have found many, in various folders. Many of them relate to Lotus, so I suppose it's okay to delete them, irrespective of what folder they're in?

What about the others, which relate to software still on my PC? If I delete them too, will the software they relate to not work? Or is it better to leave them until the software comes up with a "file not found" or similar message?

  rdave13 14:48 26 Jun 2011

Have a look at this; LINK

  Zeppelyn 15:44 26 Jun 2011


Yes I appreciate that but some are not as confident in registry issues as we are.

The link you provided should do the necessary fix.

  stlucia2 21:19 26 Jun 2011

Interesting article, rdave13, but one solution they suggest is to go for a Custom install, and then change the drive letter. If only it was that simple ... with my installation disc I don't get as far as being offered what type of installation before it shuts down with the error message.

Anyway, I'm still plodding through the registry entries, deleting all references to J:\lotus. Not there yet but, according to Regcure, there's only 148 or so remaining.

  stlucia2 08:46 27 Jun 2011

Sorted, thanks.

I've deleted all the J:\lotus entries from my registry, and Lotus has now been reinstalled.

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