delete page break

  rbrtsmrvll6 16:28 06 Oct 2006

On one of the reports handed in to my Head teacher, a page break had appeared immediately above a table.

I looked up help on deleting page breaks but none of the advice seemed to apply.

The report is going home with me and I have promised to come back om Monday with the page break gone.

I could recreate the report but there must be a better way.

Any ideas?

  VoG II 16:32 06 Oct 2006

Tools, Options, View tab. In Formatting Characters tick All and click OK. You should now be able to see the page break. Just click on the left of it then press Delete.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:32 06 Oct 2006

Put the just above the page break and press the delete key until it goes...

... or have I missed something?

  Jackcoms 16:36 06 Oct 2006

"Put the just above the page break and press the delete key until it goes..."

What's a "just" ?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:37 06 Oct 2006

The word cursor got scared and ran away...

  Legolas 18:55 06 Oct 2006

Another way to remove fomatting in Word that you do not want is to highlight the document or part of the document and copy and paste it into Notepad this will remove all the formatting, copy and paste it back into Word. I do this often in my job processing and formatting peoples CV,s. I see all the weird and wonderful way people format their CV,s

  rbrtsmrvll6 20:23 06 Oct 2006

What I thought was a page break looks just like a dotted line which crosses the page touching the top of the first table on the page.

When I move to just above it and then press delete the table and dotted line just move up one line space.

When I follow VoG's advice to see the formatting characters, just above the dotted line is a new line character and when I click before it the dotted line and table move up one space.

  Batch 20:51 06 Oct 2006

There seems to be an assumption that the application is Word.

Could the initiator maybe clarify what software is being used?

  VoG II 21:13 06 Oct 2006

Which View are you in? Normal or Print Layout View? Change to Print Layout View then try my suggestion.

  rbrtsmrvll6 09:10 07 Oct 2006

Sorry Batch,
I used to moan about people assuming that everybody used Word and here I am doing it myself. In fact I am using Word, 97,98 and 2003.

In print layout I can see a newline character and that is the last thing on the page. The next page starts with no formatting characters, just the table containing the reports. There is not even the space above the table to type in the lines that should start the document.

  Woolwell 21:35 07 Oct 2006

Have you sorted this?

What happens if you adjust your top and bottom margins?

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