Delete old F-Secure files

  radi8or 06:21 03 Feb 2006

Hi all,
I have found, in the registry, five or six old F-Secure files after error messages while trying to install Spy Sweeper.

I have tried to delete them, both in normal and safe mode but get an error message "error while deleting file"

Anyone any idea how to get rid of these files short of re-formating


Regards Bob

  rawprawn 08:16 03 Feb 2006

Try Regscrub click here Have you uninstalled F Secure completely? To the best of my knowledge F Secure and Spy Sweeper are not compatible. When I installed F Secure I'm sure I was asked to uninstall Spysweeper. If Regscrub doesn't solve the problem, I would be inclined to reinstall F Secure and then uninstall it again. I can take quite a while so don't get impatient. F Secure Internet Security 2006 is one of the best on the market in my opinion.

  radi8or 09:03 03 Feb 2006


hi thanks for response, When I first uninstalled it I used the program uninstaller thought that was good enough. Wrongggg. Have tried reinstalling and uninstalling, still left behind the files in registry, even used an uninstaller prog.

It was a toss up between F-Secure and Nod32 at the time Nod's blurb was a little more convincing.

Will give RegScrub a wizz

will let you know

Regards Bob

  rawprawn 09:27 03 Feb 2006

Nod32 is about the best you can get, but until later this year they don't do one with a built in Firewall which is what I wanted.
Good luck.

  rawprawn 09:34 03 Feb 2006

click here You can get a free trial of this program which I have used for years, select "Garbage Finder" Although not really aregistry cleaner, it's worth a try. Reformatting has to be a last resort.

What are the files and what is the error message?

  radi8or 10:03 03 Feb 2006


Have used Zone Alarm (bought) for a couple of years, never really tried any other.

Files in Reg. are




not sure if these two are F-Secure


Also theres an entry which has image of a Tan colour file followed by 0000 and contains amongst others F-Secure Firewall driver,
the others are all number entries

Error message is in grey box :-

"Unable To Delete All Specified Values"

Regards Bob

PS will try your link

  radi8or 10:18 03 Feb 2006


Got your cleaner it found 942 items is it OK to delete all it finds or should I check them,
they seem to be mostly .Temp and .Bak files.

Regards Bob

  rawprawn 10:30 03 Feb 2006

Delete no problem

  rawprawn 10:38 03 Feb 2006

I have to go out now, I will look back in a couple of hours.You can also delete anything SuperCleaner finds.
Are the orphan files causing any problems?
As a last resort, you could ask F Secure customer services Tele 08458903300

  radi8or 10:55 03 Feb 2006


No problem thanks for your help

Regards Bob

  Coff 11:08 03 Feb 2006

You will be able to remove the Legacy registry keys using PsExec from click here if you are running XP.

It tells you what to do on the site but by using the following command "psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe" without the quotes, you will open regedit in a way that gives you full control over any key.

I used it specifically to delete a couple of Legacy keys that otherwise couldn't be removed.

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