Delete old AVG updates?

  ton 22:23 27 Jul 2003

Does anyone know if it is ok to delete some of the older AVG updates? Or does AVG still use these?

  graham√ 22:29 27 Jul 2003

Delete them from where?

  Djohn 22:33 27 Jul 2003

Yes, delete all except most recent and the downloader ile itself. j.

  ton 22:34 27 Jul 2003

From the AVG 'update' folder, where they are all stored.

  ton 22:35 27 Jul 2003

Thanks Djohn, I wanted to make sure it was ok.

  Djohn 22:39 27 Jul 2003

Windows explorer/program files/Grisoft folder/AVG/ up-date file, you wil find all the downloads stored in there. j.

  graham√ 22:40 27 Jul 2003

Thanks, didn't even know it was there!

  Djohn 22:43 27 Jul 2003

Neither did I until a couple of month back, I had over 8mb of files in there! :o(

  graham√ 22:44 27 Jul 2003

While I was looking, I noticed in System Information I have Windows 2000 professional, when I am XP home. Should I complain? :-)

  Djohn 22:50 27 Jul 2003

Very often one or other of the system checkers such as AIDA32 tell me my O/S is AOL :o)

  graham√ 22:54 27 Jul 2003

We used to call these things 'Robot not listening'!

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