Delete microsoft Cookies or leave them

  birdface 23:19 02 Sep 2008

Hi.Just a quicky.Grandaughter just got a new Laptop for school tomorrow.I downloaded AVG Free and ran it.It found 9 tracking cookies all from microsoft.2 double click.2 webtrends.And 5 revsci.Not wanting to make her laptop unworkable I have not deleted them yet.Should I remove them or leave them.School starts back tomorrow so not sure what to do,Any advice welcome.

  GaT7 00:49 03 Sep 2008

It's OK to delete them all. I regularly delete ALL cookies (tracking or not) from time to time - no problem at all, except I have to log-in afresh at certain sites. G

  Technotiger 07:44 03 Sep 2008

I also regularly delete all my cookies and of course all temp files, does no harm at all.

  birdface 08:42 03 Sep 2008

Hi.Thanks for the feedback.As It was a brand new computer I decided not to delete them.If it was my own computer I would have removed them immediately.It just gave a warning and did not remove them.I am surprised at Microsoft including anything like that in their new packages.The next time I run AVG for her I will remove them.One last bit of help if you can.She has Windows Defender on it.It is not in add remove and can't find any way of deleting it.It is on Vista Home Premium.I use XP so it is all a bit new for me.Any Ideas.It is on all programs but can't seem to shift it.

  Batch 08:44 03 Sep 2008

Like many I use CCleaner and it deletes all cookies by default - no problems.

The only real effect that I notice is that for some websites where I've set some preferences I have to re-set them. E.g. on I specify that I want to use the UK website and this is remembered as long as I don't delete the cookies.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:53 03 Sep 2008

It is part of Vista and cannot be removed (there are some thoeries but I would not recommend them). You can howver disable WD.....Windows via MSCONFIG &/Or Services.


ps..using Ccleaner will keep the computer running well.

  xania 08:59 03 Sep 2008

I tend to keep selected cookies. If unsure which ones to keep, clear all then log on to your trusted site and select to keep just those cookies. You can then use the same process to build up a series of trusted cookies.

  birdface 10:21 03 Sep 2008

Thanks for the Windows Defender information.As for msconfig I had a bit of bother with that before with my other grandaughters computer.Stopped a lot of things from loading at start up and always got a large pop up when I rebooted and was not sure how to deal with it.So eventually enabled them all again.Is there an easy way of doing it.If I downloaded Winaso could I remove them from the start up on there.or would I get the same problems.And thanks all for the C Cleaner help.I do not have it downloaded as yet but did download IE7 Pro and that removes the cookies when you switch off.As You can see i will be downloading Winaso.So whether I would also need C Cleaner I am not sure.Thank you all for your help.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 03 Sep 2008

'If I downloaded Winaso could I remove them from the start up., yes, that should work as WinAso acts as a start-up manager. Ccleaner clears all temp files as well, so I would keep it and use it once a fortnight.


  rdave13 11:55 03 Sep 2008

Turning off WD in Vista. click here
Some useful tools with Windows Defender in Vista ; click here

  birdface 12:48 03 Sep 2008

Many thanks for the further information.Will sort it out this afternoon when she gets here.

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