chrisjohn 12:07 26 May 2006

free prog to delete all files which have already been deleted,totaly removed from pc ect

  rawprawn 12:09 26 May 2006
  chrisjohn 12:22 26 May 2006

it does not say for xp

  Genius1 12:55 26 May 2006
  Anti_Virus 14:16 26 May 2006

does anyone know of a program that searches ur hard drive for all types of music? One where you can exclude a folder to search (i.e. C:/Program Files so no programs' music is included). My internal hard drive space is critical so i've bought an external hard drive, and i'm gunna put all my music on the external drive. thing is, there's so many songs, too many(they're everywhere) any help?

  Anti_Virus 14:18 26 May 2006

**Oops, sorry about above, i meant to start a new thread**

  rawprawn 14:34 26 May 2006

sorry it was an old link, Genius1 is the right one.

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