Delays in IE responses

  NW2425 12:22 10 Sep 2004

Every time I use IE for browsing (Win ME)I now, since last week, have problems with delayed responses.

IE appears to ‘lock’ for almost exactly 60 seconds every fifth minute(within 15 seconds), although occasionally the lock is for 120 seconds. By lock I mean that no traffic is sent or received before it suddenly springs back into life. (Any keystrokes I make whilst it is locked seemed to be stored and played when it comes back to life). It doesn’t appear to be a line problem as I can use other internet software (e.g. poker sites) and these continue to work fine. Other applications on my PC also continue to work without problem even when IE is ‘locked’. If I have multiple IE windows open they are all ‘locked’ at the same time. It happens across all websites not just one specific site.

Sample Timings:

Mins since started Time Stopped Time Started Delay (secs)

5:08 5:42:32 5:43:32 60
0:01 5:43:33 5:44:35 62
5:09 5:49:44 5:51:42 118
4:45 5:56:27 5:59:25 118
4:18 6:03:43 6:04:34 51
0:01 6:04:35 6:05:40 65
4:57 6:10:37 6:12:36 119
5:01 6:17:35 6:19:37 122
4:58 6:24:35 6:26:35 120
4:45 6:31:10

  spikeychris 12:36 10 Sep 2004

More information than you can shake a stick at but not what version of IE you are using. Have you tried the repair option? Control panel, add/remove progs and highlight IE. Click remove then click repair.

  NW2425 17:39 11 Sep 2004

Thanks Spikey but where would I find the 'repair' option. I can't see it.

I'm on IE version 6 by the way.

  VoG II 17:41 11 Sep 2004
  VoG II 17:41 11 Sep 2004
  NW2425 21:33 12 Sep 2004

VoG/Spikey - No luck I'm afraid.

I followed the instructions in the link from VoG but didn't actually see any 'repair' option. I got a message stating that if I continued then my previous version of IE would be restored. So I did but my problem still exists.

Any further suggestions, either to fic my problem or to find the 'repair' option would be most welcome.

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