Delayed write failed error on EXT HD

  chrisbenwalker 19:30 24 Feb 2010

I have a strange problem with my PC whilst using two external hard drives at the same time....

One of the ext hd's is mains powered 3.5 drive, while the other is a new 2.5 usb powered hd.
Either one works fine when used individually, but when I try to copy data from one to the other, whilse connected to the PC at the same time, the 3.5 mains powered crashed and I get the delayed write error on the system tray.

I have tried to search for the problem, although dont really know what I am looking for. Some forums talk about system cache?

Any help appreciated...

Thanks in advance,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 24 Feb 2010

You can see how write-caching is handled for a particular volume by right-clicking on the icon for the drive in the "Disk drives" subtree of the Device Manager and selecting the Policies tabs.

The options typically are "Optimize for quick removal" (everything is written to the drive immediately) and "Optimize for performance" (writes are cached).

The first option lets you quickly disconnect drives -- for instance, hot-pluggable USB "pen" drives -- without first disconnecting them via the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray.
If all the options are greyed out, this means write-caching is probably handled at the discretion of the device driver.

Make sure both drives are "Optimize for quick removal"

  chrisbenwalker 19:43 24 Feb 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat, I'll have a look at that and give it a try.

Much apprecite your help (and the very quick response!!)


  chrisbenwalker 09:56 25 Feb 2010

Right, I have checked this, and have the settings to 'quick removal' although I am still getting the problem when having a second usb drive attached to the pc.

The Ext HD malfunctions with the delayed write failure message and refuses to work until I unplug it and re-connect it. Even pulling out the usb cable and re-connecting does not work.

The drive shows in the device manager as an unknown device unknown device in the USB Controllers tree in the device manager, and nothing appears under the Disk Drives tree, until I reconnect the device after an unplug.

The HD works 100% when connected on its own.

Any other ideas?

  BRYNIT 10:13 25 Feb 2010

Just a thought are the HD's connected via USB direct to the computer. If you are using a USB hub this could be the reason.

  chrisbenwalker 10:28 25 Feb 2010

They are connected directly to the computer...

The PC has 6 USB ports and tried various ports, and I have tried doing exactly the same on my netbook and (up to now) the problem does not occur, so have to assunme its something to do with the PC settings?

Both the PC and the Hard drives are quite new so would have to assume there is no compatibility issue and more like a setting or two that is wrong?

  MAT ALAN 11:00 25 Feb 2010

could be a USB 1.1 / 2.0 issue you might want to check in BIOS what yours are set at, a fair test is to set all USB to 1.1 and see what happens

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