Deionized water is this ok for liquid cooling?

  Autoschediastic 15:01 25 Nov 2011

Hi guys im having a MARE of a time with one of my desktops, ive got a XPS720H2c and i cant figure out how i check the amount of liquid inside the liquid cooling? ive been told i need "Deionized water" for the liquid cooling is this correct? if so where is best place to buy it from as i see the prices are over a tenner for a 1ltr bottle?



  birdface 15:09 25 Nov 2011

Probably get it from a car parts shop.

  Autoschediastic 15:13 25 Nov 2011

buteman thanks il have a look around!

  Batch 15:17 25 Nov 2011

Deionized water would make sense as it has a lot of impurities removed (that could gunk up your cooling).

Distilled is even better (but more expensive)

25 litres of deionized for £12.25+VAT at Just google for it.

  Autoschediastic 15:25 25 Nov 2011

Batch thanks for the info & reply!

I only need about a litre so i found this lSee Hereink:

  Aitchbee 15:55 25 Nov 2011

If your fridge or freezer has a build-up of ice, then you might be able to capture it, let it melt, then bottle it. It's de-ionized water.Costs nothing.

  Woolwell 18:49 25 Nov 2011

Have a look for deionised water for irons. It may be in your local supermarket.

  I am Spartacus 21:15 25 Nov 2011

Wilkinson's sell deionised water for 68p a litre. Halfords is about £3.99 for 5 litres. If the unit includes mixed metals i.e. copper and aluminium then you also need an anti-corrosion fluid and 10% anti freeze (Prestone) for car cooling systems works. Adding a tiny amount of copper sulphate available from Wilkinsons as 'King British Green Algae Control' also reduces the risk of algae growth.

However is the unit actually user refillable? If not then it's probably cheaper to put a decent air cooled heatsink on instead.

  Autoschediastic 00:25 26 Nov 2011

AitchBEE Great idea! thanks but the wife came in with a litre bottle of De ionised

Woolwell thanks for the input! as stated above the wife walked in with a bottle thanks anyway for your time!

I am Spartacus thanks bud! that sounds over my head tbh! the liquid cooling is sealed BUT im going to have a go at popping one of the pipes off the bath and see what happens...

ITs a system called H2C by Dell

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