Deframent or Optomise

  anniesboy68 19:04 06 Oct 2004

I use Diskeeper lite and defraged my hard drive, and just to "see", I had Norton "speed disk" Optomise.To my astonishment Norton then rearranged [I assume] the files and took over an hour to do so. So did Diskeeper lite do its job or not?

  anniesboy68 19:05 06 Oct 2004

That should be Defragment in the header box of course

  woodchip 19:10 06 Oct 2004

On my 98 comp I use Speed Disc and it works for me. used it for years

  talia 19:13 06 Oct 2004

You did all this in Safe Mode?

  961 19:14 06 Oct 2004

Diskeeper works fine for me. Woodchip uses the other. Take your pick but I suggest it is not a good idea to use both

"Ferrets" and "Sack" spring to mind

  Dorsai 19:25 06 Oct 2004

Technically speaking defragmenting and optomising are two different things.

Defragmenting is just re-arranging the bits of the files, so each bit of the file is in order, one after the other.part one, directly followed by part two, and so on.

Optomising does this too, but also tries to sort the order of the files on the disk, so files that are used more often are near the start of the disk, where they can be 'got to' quicker. Stuff never used at the end.

Many programs called defregmenters these days also do a bit of optimise. A good example is windows own defragger. It is an optomiser, but MS kept the old name for it, as everyone knew what it was.

But Each prog is written by different people. They have a different idea of the best order in which to put stuff. SO run one, and then run another, and it all gets moved again.

It is becaus one programs writer group has a differnt theory about what is the best solutuion.

All down to a matter of opinio.

And a matter of semantics, where the difference has now become very blured.

  anniesboy68 19:28 06 Oct 2004

Talia, never have!

  Dorsai 19:33 06 Oct 2004

If you do it in safe mode, files that might be locked in place by windows, coz the are in use, might not be in use in safe mode.

Then they can be defragged/optimised.

But some defrag programs don't work in safe mode, like Norton Speed disk.

  anniesboy68 19:36 06 Oct 2004

Dorsai, thanks for the input, I can see your points in both postings. Will try Diskeeper Lite in Safe mode, if it goes. thanks everyonr else

  anniesboy68 19:54 06 Oct 2004

DK lite will not run in Safe Mode!!!!!!.

  Dorsai 20:14 06 Oct 2004

Like norton then. Just will not launch. No errors, no nothing. But any defrag it better than none. Just pick one, and use it.

USe two, and they re-arrance each others work, and that will place a bit of a high workload on the HDD.


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