dogbreath1 21:23 05 Oct 2006

I've tried Diskkeeper Lite...and had problems with how it views Acronis Backup files on a FAT 32 Ext HDD (which is a Buffalo and cannot be reformatted to NTFS).

I've also tried Ashampoo Magical Defrag. After a promising start, this appears to be limited in it's ability to compact files and leaves quite a number of files in a non-contigious state.

XP's own defrag utility is painfully slow... what would you guys recommend as an suitable alternative?

  VoG II 21:32 05 Oct 2006

I can't see the point of defragging an image.

  dogbreath1 21:40 05 Oct 2006

Quite right. And I'm not trying to. Diskkeeper Light insisted on popping up an error message almost every few seconds to say that there was an error with the files on the ext HDD.

It's a known issue with this app., having been reported previously.

In effect, I'm looking for a defragmentor which doesn't display this annoying behaviour.

  wee eddie 22:38 05 Oct 2006

What Diskkeeper is trying to tell you is:

"Your Acronis Image will no longer be an exact image if you try to Defragment it, and therefor may no longer work."

  dogbreath1 00:04 06 Oct 2006

That may well be the case. But I can't allow Diskkeeper Lite to remain on my PC when I get warning popups every few seconds (even when DKL is not being 'used').

To reiterate...I do not need to, nor do I want to defrag an Acronis Image file. DKL runs in the background to assess whether a defrag is due and during it's ongoing analysis of my ext HDD, tells me that there is a problem with an image file.

I am looking for an alternative defragger to service my C:\ drive. Preferably one which utilises an efficient algorithm to enable a quick and effective defrag.

It doesn't need to be a free app, just good at what it's supposed to fact the nags associated with DKL are enough in themselves to encourage me to part with my hard earned, let alone the 'error' popups!

  wee eddie 08:08 06 Oct 2006

That, surely, is the solution.

  Mike D 08:49 06 Oct 2006

wee eddie's right, I have a second HDD and an external (boots and braces!)to use with Acronis and Diskkeeper is not allowed to defrag anything but the C drive. Never had a problem with it.


  terryf 09:02 06 Oct 2006

PerfectDisk works for me, never had any probs defragging C, D and ext usb drives. It will either defrag or do what they call 'smart placement' Smart Placement organizes files based on their age. Older file are grouped together since they are less likely to change or be deleted. This is turn minimizes refragmentation and maximizes the speed of subsequent defragmentation passes.

  dogbreath1 15:31 06 Oct 2006

I seem to recall that DKL was only set to defrag C:
However, it seems to analyse all drives on an ongoing basis, flagging up a drive which it considers due for attention. It was during this monitoring process (namely continualy) that the error flag would pop up.

click here for a related thread. I was constantly getting a similar error when not using DKL.

  dogbreath1 15:31 06 Oct 2006

Thanks for the pointer. I'll have a look at this app.. Cheers, db.

  wee eddie 16:25 06 Oct 2006

I don't think that you read my posting.

You cannot defrag an Image made by one of the Back-up Programs. That is why it throws up an error.

I can only think that you have set DKL incorrectly if it is monitoring all the Drives, unless the free version does not have the facility to select the drives to be Defragged.

If that is the case, then you are probably better to Defrag once a month with the External drive disconnected.

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