Defragmenting and XP

  InCog 12:38 29 Aug 2003

What's the best (quickest) way to defragment the hard drive using XP Pro? I used to do it in safe mode with Me but there doesn't seem to be a safe mode option with XP.

  Chegs ® 12:40 29 Aug 2003

Press F8 during bootup allows you to start in safemode.

  spikeychris 12:41 29 Aug 2003

There is a safe mode. Hit F8 whilst booting up, however you don't need to with XP it's not the same as 9X and ME it will defrag with anti virus etc running.


  sil_ver 12:42 29 Aug 2003

I think there is a safe mode, not sure which F key, probably F8 on startup.

  Djohn 12:42 29 Aug 2003

Try it in normal mode, should work fine. I do mine each week, don't even shut anything down, takes approx. 6 minutes, 8, if I leave AVG running. j.

defrag and quick dont really belong in the same sentence but the Xp defrag program is much improved over previous incarnations so just run it normally from the start menu, it will take time the first time but if you make a habit of doing it regularly then it will get quicker.

obviously if you turn off your virus scanner etc it will be a little quicker , the best advice is just to schedule it to run while you are tucked up in bed for the night

  InCog 13:26 29 Aug 2003

Thanks to you all - I'll try the F8 option.

  InCog 13:56 29 Aug 2003

Spoke too soon! I had assumed the couple of hours or so that it took to defrag the hdd was because I wasn't running safe mode. So tried it in safe mode. Analysis said that 7% of the drive was fragmented and didn't need defragging but I said defrag anyway. After 15 mins. it had done just 2% of the drive...I think something is wrong.

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