defragmenting xp 22:45 22 Aug 2003

i have partitioned my hd c,d,e,f i can defrag d,e,f,but i cannot defrag c.i get amessage fatal error, file thumbs.db
i have tried diskeeper and windows defrag but no good can anyone help?
for the record sys,athlon 2000xp+ 512 ddr win xp

  [DELETED] 22:57 22 Aug 2003

If the problem is related to thumbs.db, then use the info at click here to turn it off - you can always re-enable it later if you want to. 23:09 22 Aug 2003

do i have to restart?
just tried it ticked the box applied it and ran diskeeper same error,
scan ntfs:scan aborted-fatal error file:thumbs.db

  [DELETED] 23:15 22 Aug 2003

It's not necessary to reboot, logging off then back on again is sufficient.

  [DELETED] 23:15 22 Aug 2003

did you click apply? 13:16 23 Aug 2003

madboy, clicked apply stillno good
jazzypop ,logged off ,lost connection still no good
rebooted still no good
ran sfc/scannow still no good
anymore ideas i can try

  [DELETED] 17:30 23 Aug 2003

Do you have multiple accounts on the PC? Each user can have multiple thumbs.db files, it may be that the corrupted one is on another account.

Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator, then do a search for thumbs.db - make sure that you look for hidden files. 19:41 23 Aug 2003

wiil try that now
gotta log off 20:35 23 Aug 2003

things seem to be getting stranger, searched for thumbs.db , found 4, 3 were in a prog "slimbrowser",so i deleted that,1 left in a winrar zip file so i dropped it in a new folder and moved it to another drive tried to defrag ,,,error thumbs.db searched again no files found .
next tried system restore ,rebooted and still not defraging due to thumbs,
well its sat night so im going thumbs up to the pub will have another go tomorrow if any one has any ideas im open to try thanks 16:28 24 Aug 2003

thanx for help just went thru everything and it now works

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