Defragmenting a Maxtor external hard drive

  Rotenone 19:19 20 Apr 2007

How do I go about defrgamenmting my Maxtor 250Gb external hard drive?

  I am Spartacus 19:25 20 Apr 2007

Exactly the same way you'd do a defrag on an internal drive.

  Rotenone 17:49 21 Apr 2007

When I try to defragment the external Maxtor hard drive in the same way as for the internal drive I get the following message:-
Disk defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume Maxtor 250Gb hard drive(M:),.Please run Chkdsk/f.
How do I do this,please?

  I am Spartacus 19:27 21 Apr 2007

Click on Start, Run then enter Chkdsk m: /f and click OK.

I don't know why it's giving that message though, I never get it running a defrag on my external disks. Are you running the Windows Defragmenter or another one?

  Rotenone 20:10 21 Apr 2007

To 'I am Spartucus':-
I did exactly as you said-space after the second k,space after the colon and NO full stop after the f and it worked fine. I really appreciate the help and guidance that you have given me
Thank you.

  wee eddie 21:57 21 Apr 2007

What leads you to think that you Maxtor may be Fragmented?

  Rotenone 23:41 21 Apr 2007

Wee Eddie:- The Maxtor hard drive 'defragmented' very quickly so there really was no need to do this. However,I have used the hard drive many times over the past few years and I thought that it might need 'tidying up'.

  wee eddie 08:06 22 Apr 2007

as a batch, say a back-up folder, and are not fragmented in the same way that files maybe on your Internal Hard Drives

  Rotenone 08:56 22 Apr 2007

Wee Eddie:-
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,

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