defragmenting and downloading, do they go together

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:58 06 Aug 2004

i collect & download quite a lot of music, and have to defragment evry couple of days to stop my puter clogging up, but as my drives are quite large this can take some time, i cant do it at night beacause thats when i do much of my dl'ing, and i need my puter for other tasks in the day, which means difficulties !!!

so my question is can i run the defrag tool without having to stop my downloads midway, at the moment i shut everything down before i start defrag,
i tried using diskeeper to speed it up, but i could not get it to work without major registry tweaking which im not comfortable doing.

  woodchip 16:16 06 Aug 2004

ONE BIG NO. as the Drive and CPU are going overtime to tidy the HD

  woodchip 16:18 06 Aug 2004

You cannot tidy a room when some one is throwing things on the floor

  ZEROTOLERANCE 16:21 06 Aug 2004

thats that then, ok thanx


  Xevious 16:28 06 Aug 2004

i couldn't have put it better! nice one!

  woodchip 16:30 06 Aug 2004

Well he did ask

  ZEROTOLERANCE 16:30 06 Aug 2004

good analogy

  woodchip 16:32 06 Aug 2004

Experience comes with age. But do not be put off asking if you do not know

  Sapins 16:33 06 Aug 2004

I.m sure someone posted a link to a defrag programme that can run in the background while you work/download. Don't know what it is though. Suggest you leave the thread going, someone will come up with it.

  woodchip 16:39 06 Aug 2004

You can but it's like leaving the Screen saver running every time it clicks in Defrag as to start all over from the beginning. So it take far longer, or windows just gives up, and tells you so

  Sapins 16:46 06 Aug 2004

Hi woodchip, no, this just kept on working, I suppose it worked during any period of inactivity however short and doesn't restart every time, I'm sure it was posted.

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