Kernow999 10:03 09 Jul 2004

I run on 98se. I have been trying to defrag for days now, on and off, and only get to 1% before it starts again. I have run it many times before but not for a while.
Am I doing something wrong?
I let it run over night but found the computer "frozen" in the morning.

  SirGalahad2004 10:11 09 Jul 2004

best to defrag in safe mode

  Gongoozler 10:19 09 Jul 2004

The best defragmenter for Windows 98 is Diskeeper Lite. It defragments in a fraction of the time. The only down side is that everytime you use it, you will be prompted to buy the full version. Download it from here click here or click here

  woodt 10:25 09 Jul 2004

I can add my endorsement for Diskeeper. I found the product to be so good that I paid for the full Pro version. Now all of my PC's/Laptops show zero defragmentation.

  fourjays 10:54 09 Jul 2004

I used to get that, when I first started using Windows 95, and even in Windows ME, if I hadn't defragment the hard drive for ages. So I learn't to do it more regularly. I only ever assumed that there was too much for it to defrag, so it decided to crash itself. The other thing I used to get like that, was that it would go up to about 5% several times, then it would say 'This disk has errors on it, run Scandisk and try again'.

  nick_j007 11:00 09 Jul 2004

I too purchased the full version of diskeeper.
It can even run in the back ground when your screen goes to screensaver mode (in the full version). Very handy :-)

Do you know how to go to safe mode?

If not you need to press an 'F' key upon start up. Someone here might be kind enough to describe it fully for Windows 98se.



  Kernow999 11:12 09 Jul 2004

Brilliant guys. Thanks for your advise. I will give it all a go.


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