Defragmented disc keeps recurring shortly after defragmenting.

  thumbscrew 22:23 27 Oct 2014

When I analyse ny computer it always comes up as 1% fragmented. I defrag and it shows o% but a couple of days later the 1% has returned. Can anyone explain please?

  lotvic 22:32 27 Oct 2014

Perhaps you've been using it and opening and closing files and updating and browsing the web, collecting emails, etc etc.

  thumbscrew 23:11 27 Oct 2014

Good evening lotvic and thanks for the reply. Yes, I've used it since the Defrag, but I only did it yesterday (When it showed 1% fragmented),and thought that the 1% came back pretty quickly....less than 24 hours! Or is that to be expected?

  lotvic 00:13 28 Oct 2014

Good evening thumbscrew - or should I say morning now it's past midnight ;)

" that to be expected?" Too many usage variables to be able to answer Yes or No.

Every time a file is altered/opened closed etc. new data is written to hard disk and can only be written to a blank part. When a file is deleted the space it occupied is marked as available for re-use. When another file is created or saved, part of the file may be saved in that free space. Hence with time a single file can become scattered over the surface of the drive.

Might be useful for you to take a screenshot of yours, before and after defrags, and see if you can see it in action. (plenty of screenshots on a google search for 'hard disk drive fragmentation' to give you idea of what you're looking for/at.

  Batch 08:15 28 Oct 2014

If you install Defraggler (click here) from Piriform (the Ccleaner people), you will be able to see which files are fragmented.

Defraggler is (another) disk defragmenter. You don't have to use the MS one.

After install, start Defraggler, select a disk and click Analyse. Then click View Files button (or select the Files List tab). You'll then have a list of the fragmented files and the number of fragments for each.

  carver 09:38 28 Oct 2014

You do not have to bother about defragging your PC until about 10% fragmented.

As explained you will always show a certain amount of fragmentation just don't worry about it.

  thumbscrew 09:49 28 Oct 2014

Got it carver, many thanks.

  spuds 09:54 28 Oct 2014

Another thing to consider when doing a defrag, is to shut down all programmes, because at times, some running programmes will stall a defrag and not complete the cycle fully. You will normally notice this, if a defrag seems to be taking ages or seemingly freezing at times.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:59 28 Oct 2014

Or is that to be expected?

Yes as even a slight amount will cause windows to say 1%

Never defrag an SSD it shortens its life Defragging does always do that good I hardly ever bother til well into 40%

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