Defragmentation - norton and windows differ!!!!

  broomey2 08:39 26 Aug 2004

I am using Windows XP Home, and Norton Systemworks 2003 professional. The defragmentation monitor of Norton informs me that I have 13% fragmentation (i.e. 87% non-fragmentation) and recommends defragmenting my hard drive. Even after defragmenting, it shows a high degree of fragmentation within hours of doing so.
I have recently had problems with the Norton Defrag tool locking up, so have used Windows defragmenter. This did a super job, but now the readings differ. Norton says 13% defragmented, whilst Windows shows 3%. Why is there such a difference? Does it really matter?

  VoG II 08:47 26 Aug 2004

I think it depends on how % fragmented is calculated.

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  It's Me 12:50 26 Aug 2004

Now there's a thing. When I used ME and Norton Works Pro 2003, it gave me the % fragmented. Now with XP Pro and another PC and the Norton Works Pro 2003 there is no sign of the % at all as far as I can see. If it's there in XP Home I wonder why it's not there in XP Pro. It doesn't even say that the drive needs defragging, it just does it when the button is pressed starting from scratch each time, rather than, as before, somewhere into the drive where it needs to work. Or is this the result of using the NT-- filing system rather than FAT 32.

  Smegs 13:54 26 Aug 2004

It doesn't matter. Norton puts the files that are used the most, to the front of the disk. I have mine set to 80%, so when it gets to 80% my symbol turns red. Time to defrag.

  xania 13:58 26 Aug 2004

Firstly, although its a good idea to defrag your PC from time to time, I wouldn't get too hung up about percentages. You will also find that the drive with your OS will very quickly show signs of needing a defrag - but once a week is more than adequate.

So far as the differnce is concerned. the different programs defrag in different ways - Norton defrags the swap file whereas Windows does not. Also, Norton re-organises files on the hard disk. Each will then see the output of the other differently. You need to compare like with like, and like it or not, they are not alike.

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