defragmentation of C drive

  bobbyalec 19:59 15 Apr 2003

I recently tried to defrag my drive and it appeared to be going OK but at about 2% done it stopped and began again and kept on doing this.
Also when I clicked "show details" the main screen area was blank with none of the little "squares".

Any ideas ,folks?

  powerless 20:02 15 Apr 2003

When you start your computer keep tapping th F8 key and choose SAFE MODE. Safe mode will look strange because your seeing windows at its basic.

Defrag shouuld complete with no problem.

Also run Scandisk.

  Tim1964 20:04 15 Apr 2003

If you press CTRL-ALT-DELETE, a list of the programs running are shown.Make sure the only progs you have running during defrag are SYSTRAY and EXPLORER. The others will start up again when you restart your PC.

  eccomputers 20:39 15 Apr 2003

I still dont see why people run defrag. I tried it once and noticed no difference in performance at all. Surely with todays read/write speeds it isnt necessary. Do humans really notice a milli second difference?

  mattbell1975 20:40 15 Apr 2003


  Antz 20:59 15 Apr 2003

Make sure your screensaver is not was already pointed out there is no need to defrag unless your disc is either full or hasn't been defragged in a long time. I only defrag my second hard disk which I use for video editing,2Gb of mpeg scattered all over the place makes for very choppy playback.

  AMD 4 ever 21:02 15 Apr 2003

Some people may not be running the latest hdd's!!!

It can improve things, but yes it does depend how defragmented the drive is.

If I was you I would forget running Windows defragmenter. I have had all the problems that you have been talking about,the answers do work but microsoft defragmenter still will take hours.
I have started using 'Diskeeper Lite' which can downloaded for free from countless sites,I downloaded from the makers website (you can do a search on google or other such search engine)
The main advantages are :-
Quick to run
It can be run with screensaver on and without worrying about cancelling programmes.
Overall it is far far better. Try it and see.

  hugh-265156 23:36 15 Apr 2003

i would be inclined to go with Powerless on this.its usually programs running whilst defragmenting that causes the problem.i usually defrag about once a week normal usage and it takes about 4-5 mins on 40gig drive with 12gig used with xp home.try this wee program to end all running tasks before you run defragment click here and see if it runs.

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