tango4life 16:44 13 Sep 2004

Help please as AOL technical do not have an answer other than re booting, and this does not work.
Had computer for nearly 3 years and find on trying to defragmentise,the 0% downloaded remains constant with no movement on the horizontal indicator bar even after 12 hours running.
The pictoral illustrates that file activity is taking place and the red indicator flickers from time to time with some sounds from within the computer.

  crocodile36 16:59 13 Sep 2004

I'm not surprised that AOL can't help. You might
try repairing or reinstalling Windows. It sounds as though you have a problem in the OS.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 17:10 13 Sep 2004

what has defragmenting got to do with downloading?
when you defrag your not downloading your tidying your HD.

im confused by your question.


  It's Me 17:12 13 Sep 2004

I don't understand the reference to AOL, I must be missing something that is obvious.

How much space have you left on the drive that you are attempting to defrag. If there is little space, this will cause the symptems you describe.

Have you tried clearing out your recycle bin and other places by using 'Disk clean up' in accessories - system tools.

Surely there must be a better way than doing a reinstall of Windows with all that entails with a 3 years old PC.

  User-312386 17:15 13 Sep 2004

to defrag

Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key, you will then be presented with a number of options, select "SAFE MODE".

When you are in safe mode then carry out a defrag

  pj123 17:29 13 Sep 2004

I use Speed Disk (part of Norton Systemworks) to defrag and it runs OK regardless of what is running in the background.

  wee eddie 17:33 13 Sep 2004

First Defragment after 3 years will take a long time.

Whichever OS you are running.

Turn computer off > Reboot > Press F8 key continuous till you get a "bleep" It will open in "Safe Mode" > Close any screen savers or similar that you may have running.

If running XP > run Defragment > Expect a considerable wait > I de-frag every week.

If running a pre-XP System > many suggest running Scan Disk before Defragging.

  VoG II 17:42 13 Sep 2004

Use Diskeeper Lite click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 17:44 13 Sep 2004

i didnt realise it was the first defrag in 3yrs no wonder its taking so long, try leaving it on for 3 nights running if still on o% on 3rd day, you may start looking to see if you have another problem. i would follow the advice above re recycle bin etc and also do a total clean up first [using something like Ultra Win Cleaner] of all junk, temp, files etc. then sit back and wait.

hope i've been of some help.


  wee eddie 19:52 13 Sep 2004

As de-frag works on every file, effectively one at a time.

Emptying the Recycle Bin and clearing the Temporary Internet Files will reduce the amount of time taken.

So Run "Disk Cleanup" first.

The Windows Defragmenter is very slow but costs nothing and I am told was originally designed by the people who gave you Diskeeper Light.

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