Defragment problem

  badgery 07:07 29 Apr 2010

I use XP home and of late my computer has been running slow, and I notice that ZA seems to take a long time starting up.
Last night I defragmented my C drive (as I usually do every couple of months) but this time there were a lot of files that would not defragment.
Viewing the result showed:- Windows/internet logs/tvDebug.log - about 1.9GB.
There was also an 'Adaware installer' at 93Mb

Is there a way I can sort out this and get a proper defrag?

  mark2 07:13 29 Apr 2010

see click here for how to prevent the tvdebug log file from growing so large

  badgery 07:18 29 Apr 2010

Thanks for that, I'll try it later and let you know.

  badgery 13:32 29 Apr 2010

Why is life never simple? Or maybe it's me that's simple!

Anyway I just tried the method shown, but confusion...
I'm doing it by the disconnecting from internet method.
I can get to tvdebug.log, it's a zipped folder, which when opened has two 'notepad' files. Do I delete these?
Then, do I create a text document? (Is this what is meant by 'create an empty one?).

How do I then 'run notepad'?

Apologies if I'm being thick, but I am simply lost with it. I'm sure it's probably easy!

  Rahere 16:15 29 Apr 2010

It's drastic but should work!

And unless you paid for it I wouldn't recommend ZA these days - it measures up pretty poorly against more modern products. I'd recommend either Online Armor or even Comodo Firewall if you need a firewall.

In fact you might consider just using the Windows firewall if you are behind a modern adsl router and don't visit dodgy sites or share files over the 'net.

  Rahere 16:19 29 Apr 2010

Clean up unneeded files using ccleaner click here (untick cookies if you use autologin to webpages)

Then run pagedefrag click here, set to run on next boot

Then run MyDefrag click here on monthly setting

You should notice the difference!

  badgery 16:21 29 Apr 2010

I do 'fit' the picture, recently aquired a Netgear ADSL2 router, no dodgy sites and wouldn't know how to file share!!
So perhaps I will do away with ZA and rely on Windows own.
Thanks for the input.

  badgery 16:33 29 Apr 2010

My last post 'crossed' with yours - so thanks again for the info.

I regularly use ccleaner, but will try the other links you gave.

  john bunyan 16:34 29 Apr 2010

I used to use Comodo free firewall on XP. Good but a bit intrusive. Now on W7 I use free PCTools firewall. Happy with it.

  badgery 07:22 30 Apr 2010

Finally uninstalled and re-installed ZA, but did the 'custom' install with just the basic ZA. Will now see if this will help.
My first try was just to uninstall ZA and switch on the Windows Firewall instead - but it would not allow it?? Nothing ever seems straightforward for me!!
But thanks to all who offered assistance, greatly appreciated.

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