Defragment daily?!

  square eyes 20:31 14 Jun 2005

Hi there,
Latley i have been having to defrag on a daily basis which is strange. I have only 13gig out of 60 free but has been like that for a while. When the defrag is complete there is still many single red lines visible and also files that could not defrag.
Is there a better way of defraging?

Thank you!

  Joe R 20:35 14 Jun 2005

square eyes,

I would say that it is more likely the fact, that you have so much data on the drive, that the defrag will not be able to do much more.

  VoG II 20:35 14 Jun 2005

There will always be a degree of fragmentation and I think that defragging daily is unnecessary unless you are installin/uninstalling loads of programs or similar.

Have you tried Diskeeper click here

  square eyes 20:45 14 Jun 2005

Ok, fair points, will try disk keeper, but here's a thing....

Few days ago i was playing halflife2, huge amounts of disk space and ram in use, when trying to adjust video settings in the mgame menu, the hard drive would throw a wobbly, and id end up ending program via task manager, the defragmenter analasys would say should defragment even though id defraged before starting game.

Im confused somwwhat as to why that happened but maybe i simply need a bigger hard drive.

Any thoughts?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:06 14 Jun 2005

You cannot defrag files that are in use I.E. your system files.

You should always defrag in safe mode to reduce the number of files in use.

Daily is excessive, yearly is more likely to be required.

  DieSse 23:38 14 Jun 2005

"Daily is excessive, yearly is more likely to be required."

I totally concur - defragging is very misunderstood as a process, and vastly overrated as a cure for anything at all, on the average system.

  p;3 23:41 14 Jun 2005

would ask why you have felt the need to defragment on daily basis? is the pc running sluggish?

and run defragment in safe mode so it can run un interupted;

  €dstowe 06:41 15 Jun 2005

I work on the basis that if my hard drive is anywhere near half full, it is time for a larger one. Remember that your hard drive is used by Windows for much more than just long term data storage. Many programs use "temp" files which can take up large amounts of disk space but it is never obvious that they are there. If your computer doesn't have sufficient (an convenient) space for for all of this it will throw a wobbly - as you say yours is doing.

  Curio 14:24 15 Jun 2005

recommend that defrag should be carried out daily?

  Curio 14:26 15 Jun 2005

read Diskeeper

  €dstowe 14:33 15 Jun 2005

Isn't that a case of "they would, wouldn't they"?

Having said that, though, I use Diskeeper on my machines and they do defragment daily. That is because our machines work very hard and have lots of data going in and out all the time. Before I started doing this, a check on the fragmentation showed them to get quite messy quite quickly. Whether a daily run is going over the top, I'm not sure. It was convenient to set the program up to do that so, that's how it stayed.

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