yorkieman 22:33 25 Feb 2005

hi can anyone help please? when i try to defrag my ext hard drive i get a message saying (fatal:\\?\f:\image.nrg)what does this mean any help please. my c dive defrags ok

  VoG II 22:41 25 Feb 2005

Try Diskeeper Lite click here

  yorkieman 23:00 25 Feb 2005

already got it thats the one i used

  kinger 23:01 25 Feb 2005

How long is it running (actually defragmenting) before you get the message?

  kinger 23:02 25 Feb 2005

I found Disk keeper a bit harsh on my drives. It might not be the progam, but I've 'lost' four disk drives since I purchased it a year ago.

I now, won't be re-installing it.

  yorkieman 23:04 25 Feb 2005

just a few seconds after start

  yorkieman 23:06 25 Feb 2005

i only downloaded it today before i used windows and got the same message

  kinger 23:07 25 Feb 2005

Does it work OK when in normal use, or only when you try to defrag?

  kinger 23:09 25 Feb 2005

I'm wondering if there is a file that it's trying to move that won't move as it's protected in some way.

  yorkieman 23:10 25 Feb 2005


  kinger 23:16 25 Feb 2005

"image.nrg" is a Nero image file. If you don't need it, delete it and try again.

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