defragging and setting correct swapfile size

  holly polly 16:14 27 Feb 2005

Hi gday all read that i could gget better performance outta my comp if i specify the swapfile size ,windows was managing it before ,withh the rfesult it was using all my remaining hdd space ,i have 512mb of ram fitted and i have specified the min virtual memory at 512 and the maximum at 1024 is this right or does it require a further tweak?
athlon 7000
512mb of ram
80 gig hdd
32mb ddr nvidia graphics card
creative sb live card
running win ME fully updated
all replies greatfully recived -Hol Pol....

  holly polly 16:17 27 Feb 2005

how does one defrag the swapfile and i have heard you can get a utility that places it on the prominent position on the hd ,mcafee defrag i think is this true ?-hol pol...

  User-312386 16:23 27 Feb 2005

Personally i would let windows manage the swapfile

However, there are a number of utilities out there to defarg the swap at boot up

Personally i use Perfect disc click here for the trial 30 days

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:28 27 Feb 2005

Norton Utilities and Systemworks include a defrag utility called Speed Disk which will defrag your swapfile. If you are going to specify the size of your swapfile set both the minimum and maximum to the same size. Once the swapfile is defragged after doing this it will remain in a single block and not cause additional fragmentation by constantly changing in size. I would suggest you set it to 768MB which should work nicely.

  canard 19:04 27 Feb 2005

Disable virtual memory and then defrag works for defragging swapfile in Win98 SE. PC noticeably happier after. Don't forget to re enable swapfile. Set virtual memory at two and a half times ram if you must tweak but it may not be an improvement on the let windows manage it option.

  dan11 19:13 27 Feb 2005

holly polly


" windows was managing it before ,withh the rfesult it was using all my remaining hdd space"

You say you have a 80 gig hard drive. Is it partitioned?

If it is, then this is good. If it is partitioned, then what sizes are the partitions and what available space is on them.

If you open a lot of applications at once or use photo, dvd burning software, then managing your swap file can pay dividends.

  SANTOS7 19:20 27 Feb 2005

I have 512MB and i have always set mine to 1 1/2 times (768)for both actual and vertual settings, i also have it set on a different partition, which for me keeps my PC fully optomised

  dan11 19:24 27 Feb 2005


  woodchip 19:24 27 Feb 2005

I have just set my Win98se Computer to 100Mb fixed now it work's a lot better I only have 256mb Memory on it

  SANTOS7 19:30 27 Feb 2005

click here
there is nothing set in stone regarding swap/page files, some good info in the link but why not try different settings and see which works best for you,good luck......

  woodchip 19:56 27 Feb 2005

Just set my XP Desktop to 150x150mb if I have probs I can always give it more. But the More Memory you have the less swap file you should need to make it go fast.

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