Defragging the registry

  sunnystaines 16:59 07 Nov 2014

used to do it a lot in w98/xp days. But not used for ages are they useful or just as iffy like registry cleaners?

what are readers views?

not sure if it is worth running one.

  SparkyJack 17:19 07 Nov 2014

Defragging the drive and sorting registry are to different actions.

Defeat the drive simply moves packets of data to a more compact area if the drive,thus freeing up space.

The registrry action to remove redundant/broken ,links.

Defeat is Windows function found in accessories/system tools

The registry is best dealt with by the likes of Ccleaner or Revo Uninstaller

  SparkyJack 17:23 07 Nov 2014

Dreaded auto word ruiner struck again

Defeat should read Defragment

  wee eddie 17:35 07 Nov 2014

Defragging the Registry has not been discussed recently. My impression is that any benefits are debateable but there is a logic in doing so if you regularly delete items.

I have only done it the once and was unable to find any difference in the speed of my PC

  john bunyan 18:34 07 Nov 2014

I just use CCleaner to tidy up the registry , and Auslogics Disc Defrag to defrag each partition as a whole.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 07 Nov 2014

the dangers of messing with the registry far outweigh any slight advantages that may be gained.

with the latest files systems defragging the drives fall into the same category, not worth the time and effort involved.

  iscanut 19:19 07 Nov 2014

Just use Ccleaner if you must but otherwise, don,t bother.

  sunnystaines 21:15 07 Nov 2014

I was not talking about hdd or ssd defrag. Just defrag of registry files eg auslogigs or eusing registry defrag software etc

  mole1944 06:22 08 Nov 2014

ccleaner is good and gentle i use it ,i also use "Glary utilities" it has a registry cleaner with it it's a bit more thorough than ccleaner but i have never had problems with it. It was recommended on this forum so i though give it a try,it does shift the rubbish out your system more so than ccleaner.

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