John-257781 17:34 06 Feb 2003

Quite recently I have been unable to defrag. my computer. In WIndows 98 it get to 2% and then restarts saying "the drive is rewriting". I have no idea what this means and hope someone can help.
I close down programmes that are running and also in the right-hand task bar.
many thanks in anticipation.

  JoeC 17:38 06 Feb 2003

doing it in Safe Mode. As the computer is booting up, press the relevant key to go into safe mode. On some it is F8 or F5 or Delete, so check yours. Once in Safe Mode, it should complete.

  BrianW 17:40 06 Feb 2003

This usually means there is something still running in the background. Simplest solution is to run defrag from "safe mode".

  1514 17:46 06 Feb 2003

"Diskeeper 7 lite" is a freebie in February's edition 116 of PC Answers. That could help!

  John-257781 17:55 06 Feb 2003

WWil do as you say, seems a very probable solution. Many thanks to all.

  John-257781 17:55 06 Feb 2003

WWil do as you say, seems a very probable solution. Many thanks to all.

  Djohn 18:05 06 Feb 2003

Also you can try pressing Ctrl/Alt/delete keys at the same time, and closing down all programs, except explorer and sys. tray, defrag will now go through without any hiccup's.

  YAMA 19:04 07 Feb 2003

empty your right hand tool bar at the bottom of your screeen, remove all you can, then do a defrag then just shut down in restart, and all will come back,don't for get it takes a while to defrag your c drive.

  Stuartli 19:26 07 Feb 2003

Make sure no screensavers are left to activate - moving the mouse every 10 minutes or so will prevent this happening.

  IanWilk 20:53 07 Feb 2003

Had the same problem - think it was caused by the items running in the tool bar as suggested. I found it difficult to get a list of running programs - did it eventually by installing a program called registry cleaner from a pc advisor disk. That gave a list of startup programs - surprisingly long list - and you can move what you don't want to a backup list & restore them later. Good program as it speeds startup time too.

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