Defrag wont work

  Bellissima 13:04 03 Mar 2003

Hi , Lately when i try to defrag my hard drive the defrag proccess seems to start but stays on 0% complete and does not complete, if i clik show details the screen remains blank. I have also checked the last time I defraged by clicking my computer and right clicking drive c and selecting properties, even then although i just tried to defrag it says last defrag date 38 days ago, also says the same for last backup and last scan disk date although i have just carried out these tasks too, can anyone please suggest what might be wrong and how to sort it, thanks, i am using windows 98

  MAJ 13:09 03 Mar 2003

Have you tried defragging in Safe Mode, Bellissima?

  Djohn 13:15 03 Mar 2003

Try the following method. Use your Ctrl/alt/delete keys at the same time, and it will bring up a window showing all running programs.

Close down all programs, except Explorer and Sys. tray, by highlighting each one in turn and clicking on, (End Task).

Some of them may require you to do this a couple of times before responding! Once you have done this, go to, start/run, and type the word, Defrag in the box, and click OK, or press the enter key on keyboard, It should now go through a defrag in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. J.

  Pesala 15:01 03 Mar 2003

Download Diskeeper Lite from click here

It is a Freeware defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

  powerless 15:08 03 Mar 2003

Do as MAJ says...

When the computer is starting tap the F8 key and then select option 3 which is Safe mode...

It will look strange because you are seeing windows without the pretty effects.

Just run defrag as usual and it should complete.

If you havnt defraged in some time and your hard drive is big it will take its time.

You could also run Scandisc but in "thorough" mode...

Safe mode option is just little quicker than closing down all progrmas in the backgroung (if any are open) and then having to reopen them all again.

  Bellissima 19:22 03 Mar 2003

closing programs didnt work, but downloaded disk keeper lite and that seems to have done the job. : )

  powerless 19:25 03 Mar 2003


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