defrag trouble

  chids 03:18 20 Apr 2003

can anyone help??? I have a problem with defraging my c: drive.It starts ok up til 43% then jumps back to 37% and there is just white space where the files should be.I have tried running scan disc and thats ok and I have tried defraging in safe mode with no difference.

  MichelleC 07:59 20 Apr 2003

What os r u?

If you haven't defragged for a long time, depending on hd size it can take ages. I'm doing my external hd 120gb and it's taking 24 hrs, but I do dv editing. It's faster than normal as I'm using the ME defraggger in 98se os. If u want it I'll send it to u.

  Pesala 08:58 20 Apr 2003

Download Diskeeper Lite from click here

It is a Freeware defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

  Pesala 10:34 20 Apr 2003

I use Windows ME. Diskkeeper takes five or ten minutes to completely defragment my 40 Gbyte drive with about 9Gbytes of files.

The progress indicator jumps in steps of 10%

On completion I get a dialogue box like this one: click here

On closing the dialogue box the progress indicator is back at 0% again, ready to do the next drive, if you have one.

  MichelleC 10:58 20 Apr 2003

Doesn't system restore still load in safemode with ME? If so disable.

Also try doing thorough scandisc with auto fix unchecked 1st.

  countryboy 11:40 20 Apr 2003

I have just been to the site to download diskeeper lite but can't find it. All I can down load is a trial version of the full application, how do I get the lite version?

  loder 15:47 20 Apr 2003

i have just downloded the lite version yesterday
you will have to fill in your profile before
you can downlode it but it is free.
click here

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