Defrag and scandisk problem

  duke2 11:25 19 Jun 2005

I seem to be having trouble using scandisk it keeps restarting likewise Defrag even with most of the running programs shut down via ctrl+alt+del since connecting via Broadband. Is it because that is always running in the background.
Thanks for any help in this matter.


  duke2 11:27 19 Jun 2005

Sorry I should of said I using on Win98


  duke2 11:27 19 Jun 2005

Sorry I should of said I am using on Win98


  User-312386 11:30 19 Jun 2005

restart computer and go into safe mode to run scan disc

Restart and start tapping F5

When in safe mode run scan disc and defrag

  jack 11:56 19 Jun 2005

Shut Down All programs - Correct
Shut down BB Correct

Run Scan disk- Leave the room - the slightest vibration can cause a mouse movement- and stop the scan.

De Frag before you retire at night - for the same reasons
Came back to it next morning.

  Taff36 12:12 19 Jun 2005

Run both in safe mode as madboy says but I think it`s F8 on most computers. I know it can be different so try F8 first but watch the screen during the POST (That`s the white words on black screen) before Windows boots - it may tell you which function key to press.

  Wak 17:01 19 Jun 2005

Hi, I run Win 98SE and BB and would suggest that you first unplug the Broadband system and then close every thing down including your screen saver, Anti virus, Firewall, etc.
Run Scandisk then run Defrag.
If you go to click here and download a file called (near the bottom of the page) this will give full instructions about installing the Defrag File originally used in Windows ME.
I now use this as it is about 10 times faster than the normal Win98 Defrag.exe file.
Call the original Defrag file in C:\Windows DefragOLD.exe and, after unzipping the file from the above site, copy it into C:\Windows.
If you have any problems you can simply reverse the defrag files and get back to square one but I have been using the Win ME Defrag file for months now with no troubles whatsoever.
Reconnect the Broadband and re-boot.
Hope this helps.

  duke2 09:57 20 Jun 2005

Thanks for all the help Guys
I have sorted it thankyou


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