defrag results

  sinbad1 16:05 05 Mar 2005

I defrag usually once a week with no probs , however defrag today shows what appears a large file that remained fragmented(red) veiwing report showed there were no fragmented files that could not be removed. I run defrag again with the same results,then defragged in safe mode which was fine no fragmented files?
Back to windows and its there again anyone any ideas. i run xp sp2 with ample free space.

  Jak_1 17:07 05 Mar 2005

Any running program will appear as an unmoveable file. by default windows needs certain bits to be able operate therefore there will be certain bits that will not be defragged.

So long as you are sure there is no spyware etc on your pc and it runs smoothly the I would be inclined to ignore it.

It use to be said to defrag every week but with todays high speed technology and large hdd's I don't really see it as a necessity. I rarely run defrag as the slight increase in seek time is precluded by the time required to do the defrag itself.

  FelixTCat 17:16 05 Mar 2005

Defrag cannot defrag your swap file (virtual memory), so that may be what is showing up.

  sinbad1 17:20 05 Mar 2005

thanks for your response no spyware comp runs fine it just a recent observation must be to do with recent download not sure which one, usually i can run programs and defrag works fine must be a clitch with the particular program tk jak-1

  sinbad1 17:23 05 Mar 2005

TC you may be right ;but why suddenly appear as red band fragmented file?

  Chezdez 17:28 05 Mar 2005

try runnig defrag striaght after a boot up, or in safe mode, this may help

  cooljohnny 17:37 05 Mar 2005

these could be restore points or book marks

  sinbad1 17:58 05 Mar 2005

I have as said earlier ran defrag in safe mode and results were clear its only in windows it appears so must be a program running in background or as cool johnny says maybe some kind of backup or book marks whatever it is must be large file shows up about 1/4" thick problem is because results show all files defragmented not able to locate this new arrival.

  User-312386 17:59 05 Mar 2005

if its a file over 4gb then windows defrag cant do it

  sinbad1 18:08 05 Mar 2005

I dont think its over 4gb even so report would say
the file or following files could not be defragmented in my case there are none?

  sinbad1 18:43 05 Mar 2005

ran defrag again with ms spyware, spysubtract,and avg shutdown red fragmented band dissappeared?
rebooted and allowed programs to run normally, ran defrag again and all is well strange guess i'll never know.
suppose i could say its resolved with ???????
thanks all for your input

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