Defrag (questions, questions questions.......)

  JYPX 23:21 16 Jul 2004

Experts please - would like to hear what you think. I am sure I have read recently that a mains failure during a defrag is curtains for your hard drive , goodnight, end of story.
Is this correct, and if so:
1. Would the data survive a momentary flicker in the power supply?
2. Is the hard drive actually fried or are we just talking about loss of (all) data?
3. Are any of the third party commercial defrag progs any safer than the xp defrag (as far as mains failure is concerned)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:31 16 Jul 2004

You should only loose the data that was currently being written to a new space on the drive, not the drive itself.

If that data was master boot record then a full wipe and reformat of drive is require to get it going again.

If windows system file then anything from relacing the file via sfc or a complete reinstall of the op system.

If important data then bad luck its gone.

I don't think any commercial defrag progs would be better in the case on mains failure.

  Androcles 23:38 16 Jul 2004

Well,the way to prevent this is a UPS system (uninteruptible power supply)see-MGE UPS Systems
I can't afford one myself unless I win the lottery and I think the chances for both are about equal.

  JYPX 10:10 17 Jul 2004

Thank you.

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