Defrag problems not resolved

  Shorty123 15:02 18 Oct 2004

Earlier thread on this click here

Ticked it as resolved too soon! Started this one to hopefully generate more advice.

  end 15:23 18 Oct 2004

can I suggest that which I am trying on mine; shut down all unwanted/unneeded running programs; empty your temp internet folder, have no screan saver running;

when I first started, the drive was all over the place; ??how long is your basic defrag taking,and have you managed to run it through once yet??
( am continuing this "argument" ON forum deliberately so folks and anyone else with similar qibs can learn from the difficulties we both are evidently having, else i would suggest discussing it off forum...which we can do if you wish::)) )

  TTP 15:42 18 Oct 2004

To find out your filing system - dbl click MY COMPUTER - rclick drive 'c' - select properties - it will say what your filing system is in the properties box that opens (about 1/4 down). A handy hint that i use is - before defragging , go through add/remove programs and uninstall anything you dont use anymore(especially anything that doesnt quite work like it used to/has been replaced) also take a trip thru My Documents/E-mails and delete files you dont need anymore,delete cookies , empty recycle bin(last) etc (spring clean).Next do a scan disk (error check in XP) via above procedure but lclick tools tab.I assume youve disabled the scr saver/AV/Firewall/any background spyware killer etc for this to go properly?Once error check is complete restart and disable scr saver /Av etc (as above) run windows disk defragmeter. What you have done doing this is (if scan disk gave no errors) is created a load more space for xp to move around in , this should improve the speed at which defrag works.I do it this way because my c drive is full and if there is less than 15% free space on the disk defrag refuses to work anyway so i give it as much space as possible to start with and - once per month for scan disk/defrag should keep it in order!

  tonyx1302 15:46 18 Oct 2004

I am a novice in the computer world but a few weeks ago I downloaded, on a forum members suggestion, Perfectdisc from click here

It is excellent and very simple to use. It took me a few hours to get to grips.Its very easy an and more thorough than Windows defrag.

Try it for the thirty day trial.You will be amazed.


  Shorty123 15:53 18 Oct 2004

Got to go out now, will try all the above on my return. (I have already tried a lot of it to no avail). Will post when I've done.

  Shorty123 17:08 18 Oct 2004

Ok, quick question that may make me look even more foolish! How do I disable AVG anti-virus? How do I disable Spyware Blaster? Thanks! BTW, ran the disk error checks (no probs), done my spring cleaning. Cheers.

  Shorty123 17:17 18 Oct 2004

Further info, when I look at processes in task manager after I boot up I have 30 running, is this normal?? Cheers

  Shorty123 17:19 18 Oct 2004

And my filing system is FAT32

  Shorty123 21:47 18 Oct 2004

bump..............been defragging for 5 hrs now, got to 22% in 90mins, now only on

  easyrider 21:52 18 Oct 2004

You must have something running that is causing defrag to keep restarting. I ran defrag this afternoon went and had a cup of tea came back all done, 160GB harddrive with about 30GB used.

  Shorty123 21:55 18 Oct 2004

I asked earlier how to disable avg and sypware blaster....any ideas???? Ripping hair out here...

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