defrag problem

  underworldmagic 12:21 16 Sep 2004


im using windows XP, i am trying to defreg a 50gb partition using the standard windows defrag in system tools. but at the end of the defrag i get a report which states that it couldnt move certain files...these are movies on the partition

do you know why it cant move these files? i am not using ANYTHING during the defrag, interent connection, firewall virus scanner...everything is turned off all that is running is the defrag program.

im also finding that i cannot MOVE files or DELETE them from that same partition...i get a message saying these files are being used by another program...they are not being used by anything, how can i move or delete these files?



  Diodorus Siculus 12:26 16 Sep 2004

Some files are simply in use by Windows and don't move.

Try running in safe-mode - that can help.

  gunner-joe 12:30 16 Sep 2004

Have you disabled system restore! Also you may have programs running in the background as a screensaver or desktop image. Try it, it may help, but GOOD LUCK ANYWAY.

  zootmo 13:27 16 Sep 2004

One way to forget all your defrag blues is to use Diskeeper, this app. auto-defrags without you having to do anything. It defrags without having to drop into safe mode and only runs when it is needed. I've used it on every machine I've had right back to Windows '98. Diskeepers home page is click here

  wee eddie 19:48 16 Sep 2004

What size are these files?

  underworldmagic 19:27 17 Sep 2004


I have gt a copy of Diskeeper, and ran the scan it sorted the other partitions out but not the BAD fragmented partition...i just has to format that partition. it was not getting defraged i left Diskeeper set to defrag ALL DAY and it couldnt move the files

the partition was full of video files which were about 700mb each.

i have not set diskeeper to defrag when needed automaticly, i shouldnt have that problem again

thanks zootmo for the program name, its very good


  wee eddie 20:43 17 Sep 2004

how a Defragmenter works.

I am not certain but I think that if a file is larger that the available RAM then it is not moveable.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:53 17 Sep 2004

How much free space is available on this partition? Movie files are quite large and need a lot of space to defrag, maybe this is your prob, try enlarging the partition....TT

  CurlyWhirly 23:53 17 Sep 2004

I too use DiskKeeper and I was so pleased with it that I bought the registered version.
Absolutely brilliant and much better than the free XP defragmenting utility.

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