defrag problem

  longjon 16:12 10 Feb 2004

as a relatively dozy pc owner (only got an anti-virus 3 months ago, for example!!) i recently found out about defragging and attempted to use the inbuilt windows me tool. after running for over 2 hours it was unable to complete more than 1% of its procedure. in your opinion, crew, have i completely ruined my hard disc through years of neglect, or is this not a serious a symptom as i think it is?
ta for any help

  ddd3 16:17 10 Feb 2004

You don't say how big your disc is or how fast your CPU is, but no, my old AMD Athlon used to take several hours to sort my 60Gig drive if I didn't do it too often. I soon got used to doing it weekly.

The first few percent always take the longest. It's like a jigsaw, the more you do, the less there is to sort out, and the faster you do it. This being your first defrag you'll probably find that after it's done it, it starts doing it again, don't worry, it's just sorting out a few oddments that it missed the first time around.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:19 10 Feb 2004

Restart in safe-mode - press F8 continually at startup until you get a menu; choose safe mode; then try running defrag. All should be well.

  gold 47 16:20 10 Feb 2004

You should defrag in safe mode.

  roygbiv 16:39 10 Feb 2004

Before Defragging, Turn off the screensaver (if you have set one up) this slows up the defrag proccess as the hard drive is allways working.

To do this, r-click (empty part of desktop, click properties, choose sreensaver tab, click down arrow choose none, click OK and start defrag again. Hope this is correct. Alan

  MIKE 18:16 10 Feb 2004

You could always use Diskeeper lite it's free and works like a charm. I had the same problem with windows 98SE it would never defrag properly using the standard defrag software supplied with windows, it always hung after about 2%. Cured with Diskeeper lite

  denali 18:17 10 Feb 2004

I am a reasonably new PC user (and an ancient one at that). I would, however, like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of you gentlefolk out there who have helped me get started over the past few months. I had five problems over this time and to me they seemed insurmountable..On posting my problems however they were all solved by you kind people with no fuss and in honest deference to my ignorence. I appreciate a forum this size will always have its detractors, and that is probably a good thing too, but I must confess I have nothing but praise.
Once more, thank you all.

  wee eddie 18:32 10 Feb 2004

as Gold 47 says > Start in Safe Mode

Restart PC > Press F8 again and again as the PC starts > you can stop when you get a "bleep" > use the, up & down, buttons to navigate to Safe Mode > press Enter.

The PC opens in a low definition screen with no unnecessary software open > turn off your Screen-Saver, it will ruin the De-frag.

Run the de-frag. It will stop and start many times, ignore this it is part of the system. Probably best to start it before you go to bed, the first time it will take hours and hours. You can turn the PC off in the morning, in the normal way. When you restart it will revert to the normal Windows.

The windows de-frag is very slow but thorough and free. I run mine once a month and it takes about 3/4hour on a 30Mg HDD.

  TommyRed 18:53 10 Feb 2004

I used to have defrag problems on 98SE and like MIKE used diskeeper lite to resolve them. click here HTH TR

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