Defrag loses 256 colours

  Mattie-N 11:00 09 May 2003

I followed the June issue advice and defragged in Windows Safe Mode. Now I have only 16 colours and even if I select the 256 colour option it starts up again with only 16. What went wrong and how do I get back what I had?

  MichelleC 12:33 09 May 2003

A defrag wouldn't cause this - it's got to be something else. If you give us your os + details we may be able to help.

  Confab 12:45 09 May 2003

Are you sure you're not restarting in safe mode?

  Mattie-N 00:46 10 May 2003

I am running Windows 98. The Windows start-up screen is in 256 colours, but everything from the user log-on bit is in 16 colours. Display Settings says 16 colours and resolution 640x480 each time I restart. This happens in Safe Mode and normal mode.

What might be going on and what details do you need?

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