Defrag Limitations

  Raudue 03:35 21 Dec 2005

Does anybody know of any outstanding defrag programs out there?

The problem is this:
I have a massive amount of data that's constantly being added to, patched, modified and updated. It really bogs down my machine even with the OS, programs, games and user files on separate partitions.

Is there any defrag software out there in which you can stipulate the exact physical location of programs and files on a disk, preferably so I can alocate free space before and after the program files ready to be used upon patching etc. I've used software with so called 'smart allocation' before, but that just heaps it all together in one big lump and hey presto, two weeks later I'm defragging again for hours on end.

I've even considered being completely anal and creating partitions for every program, but NTFS appeares to write sytem files in the middle of the drive meaning each program would need over twice the allotted installation space.

Any ideas?

  interzone55 08:56 21 Dec 2005

O & O defrag click here is fantastic. It costs about £25 but after the initial defrag it's very quick.

It also offers a variety of defrag styles, full, by name, by use or stealth mode.
The final option is not the best option in terms of space, but has very little impact on system resources, ideal for use on file servers and the like.

I'm not sure it offers options for exact physical location of programs though. I think you need to partition your drive and pop all the data on one partition, programs on another, and OS on a third.

  Andsome 09:11 21 Dec 2005

Have a look at Diskeeper. click here

  Raudue 10:32 21 Dec 2005

Cheers guys.
Andsome, tried diskeeper, not bad. But it still lumps everything together in one chunk making it necessary to defrag again after any alterations.
And hell, it's a damn sight better than anything Microsoft can offer me.

alan14, Trying O&O now.....

  stylehurst 14:03 21 Dec 2005

Have a look at Raxco Perfect Disk; I prefer it having tried both Diskeeper & O &O

  Andsome 08:28 23 Dec 2005

I found that Perfect Disk messed things up for me and caused big problems. I know that some people use it quite happily, but also know other people who have had trouble. I use a paid for version of Diskeeper. You NEVER need to run a defrag, you can select 'Set it and forget it' mode, and it defrags automatically as and when the disk or disks need it. It can handle more than one disk. The latest version, number 10 is to my way of thinking a little too complicated. I use version 7 which is still available VERY cheaply. It is extremely simple to set up and I cannot see why they tried to improve things.

click here

  Andsome 08:30 23 Dec 2005

I should have added to the above, that you can also select to run a boot time defrag. I use this about once a month, and it really does speed things up.

  Raudue 12:43 24 Dec 2005

Perfect disk wasn't bad, didn't muck things up for me. But it only lumped the files together in one contigious block and rather unintelligently at that.

O&O seemed best for me, especially since space isn't a problem, 'cause all related files are grouped. Takes a bloody age the first time though. So cheers for those suggestions.

But I still wonder if anyone knows of a program that does similar to O&O but with the added option of reserving blank space ready for file modification.

  Raudue 12:44 24 Dec 2005

Merry Christmas by the way.

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