To defrag? if so, how often?

  researcher 18:16 26 Feb 2003

Nothing crucial perhaps, but how often should one defrag?

When the the disk defrag check says to do so - or more often?

Is there any danger in defragging too often, e.g. like loosing data or corrupting files?

  MAJ 18:25 26 Feb 2003

It depends on what you do with your computer. If you install and uninstall a lot of programs and files, then you'll need to defrag more often than if you didn't. Run a defrag every week or so, it'll take less time to complete a defrag, if you keep it regular. I haven't noticed any negative effects from defragging often.

  spikeychris 18:26 26 Feb 2003

Your either using XP or 2K I take it. It depends what you do with your machine, if your constantly moving files, system restoring, deleting programs, adding programs etc: then you would need to defrag more than someone who just sends the odd email etc:

Theres never a correct answer for this kind of question.

There is a thought that defragging will slow your machine down....


  obbit 18:27 26 Feb 2003

thats when i do it. i always do a scan disk with automatically fix errors enabled first.

  AudioVic' 18:29 26 Feb 2003

I personally do not agree with defragging.

About every 6 months I back up my user files and format my drive.

This is I feel the best way and safest way to defrag.

I have used defrag to my dismay when Apps, etc., cannot locate files and/or folders.

I will be very interested in the responses to my answer.

  powerless 18:37 26 Feb 2003

With my old machine i used to DEFRAG my 3GB hard drive once a day, scandisc and antivirus...

Order of the day, Scandisc, Antivirus, Defrag...

Scandisk took 2 or so mins, Antivirus 15 mins and defrag 10 mins.

No prbolems what so ever...

My new machine 120GB checkdisc, Antivirus, Defrag once a week...However once a month or even once every 3 months would be ok.

I sometimes DEFRAG when i have installed a large application, computer game for example.

My opinion is defrag is a very good program, it has a useful purpose and should be used once in a while.

  A Pound of Sausages 19:49 26 Feb 2003

I've never noticed any difference after defragmenting.

  « Ravin » 19:58 26 Feb 2003

i think more along the lines of AudioVic' but not quie so extreme!

i actually find that defragging slows things down so do it once every 2 months if i can be bothered.

i think for a regular user on a moderately new system once a month should be fine.

but no harm in defeagging everyday either.

  « Ravin » 20:01 26 Feb 2003

don't mean to interrupt but on the other hand does formatting the hard disk too often cause any negative effects?

  duplo 20:06 26 Feb 2003

I only defrag my drive when I notice it slows, it is a little faster once it is done.

Every one has different ideas of when to do this, although I recon its best done after installing programs, or a months normal use.

  DieSse 22:02 26 Feb 2003

What you have to remember is, that programs, once defragmented, cannot become fragmented again. So fragmentation can only build up on data, and a few system files that need to be rewritten frequently. Also many data files are small enough to fit within a single cluster - so cannot fragment at all.

For average users - 3-6 months is ample IMHO.

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