Defrag Error

  Marc-267644 11:32 17 Feb 2004

I tried to defrag my computer yesterday but an error appeared saying that an error has occured with the defrag.exe file, and that i should restart the program and all errors have been logged. So i restarted the program but it still continues to happen. There is also an error with an exe called mmc.exe. Sometimes the computer doesnt shut down as it should. Could this be a virus, can i fix this? Does anything need re-installing

  spikeychris 11:41 17 Feb 2004

You are either using NT 2K or XP

You should only
see an mmc.exe process if you are running a console created by it, like
services.msc (NT services), grpedit.msc (Group Policy Editor), devmgmt.msc
(Device Manager), and so on. If mmc.exe is in memory, you have a console
open (or it hung on close and got let in memory).

Have you installed any of the above snapins? bang the XP or 2K disk in the drive and type sfc /scannow into run...

  Marc-267644 16:29 17 Feb 2004

The main error is the defrag error, because it is totally stopping me from defraging my computer, any comments on this?

  spikeychris 17:40 17 Feb 2004

SFC/scannow was aimed at the defrag.exe problem. You still haven't said what OS you are running??

Go to start then run and type cmd

type this next defrag c: -f

The above assumes its the C drive you want to defrag. If its D: then change the volume letter.

You will still need to run SFC...

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