Defrag doesn't respond -- PC slowing and crashing

  Thowdun 22:57 29 May 2005

For consideration by the Forum,

As an octogenarian, now disabled and housebound, I rely heavily on my PC in the course of my hobby as a published writer of non-fiction magazine articles.

A recurring series of problems have developed and I suspect that they may be related. About two years ago, the regular (6-monthly) defrag operation seemed to be under way, but the blue progress line failed to move off the zero line.

A second attempt that same evening was left running over night with the same result – as have all my subsequent attempts. In other words, I’m unable to defrag.

My PC is responding increasingly slower and during the last six months it has started to suddenly display a blank black screen, which, a few seconds later, turns blue with white letters explaining that a fatal error has occurred – press any key to continue.

Sometimes that press is sufficient, but increasingly the PC has crashed and my only option is a fresh start via the reset button.

The hard disk is a 4 GB size and currently shows 2.8 used and 1.2 GB free space.

Are you able to offer any helpful hints and advice with a view A) to revitalising the defrag operation and B) reducing the tendency to crash?

Fingers crossed!

Please accept my thanks in anticipation of a favourable reply.


  User-312386 23:39 30 May 2005

You could have a corrupt registry and would not hurt to fix the registry.

Lets fix that shall we. Click start>shutdown>restart in ms-dos

When in dos type scanreg/fix

This may take some time so go have a cuppa. When finished the computer should ask you to hit a key. If it does not and goes to a command prompt type EXIT

  wee eddie 23:40 30 May 2005

Empty the Recycle Bin.

Clear Internet Explorer's Temporary files.

Run Disk Clean-up.

Then - Open in Safe Mode > Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > Scan Disk, and as you have not done this for a while, it could take up to 6 hours

Then - Open in Safe Mode > Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > Disk Defragmentor, and as you have not done this for a while, it could take up to 8 hours

  wee eddie 23:48 30 May 2005

The various Energy saving modes that the monitor uses will stop the defragger from working, which is probably why it did not get off first base.

But after such a long time gap, it probably makes sense to run Scan Disk first and separately, having first removed any unnecessary files from the system

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