Defrag doesn't respond -- PC slowing and crashing

  Thowdun 22:57 29 May 2005

For consideration by the Forum,

As an octogenarian, now disabled and housebound, I rely heavily on my PC in the course of my hobby as a published writer of non-fiction magazine articles.

A recurring series of problems have developed and I suspect that they may be related. About two years ago, the regular (6-monthly) defrag operation seemed to be under way, but the blue progress line failed to move off the zero line.

A second attempt that same evening was left running over night with the same result – as have all my subsequent attempts. In other words, I’m unable to defrag.

My PC is responding increasingly slower and during the last six months it has started to suddenly display a blank black screen, which, a few seconds later, turns blue with white letters explaining that a fatal error has occurred – press any key to continue.

Sometimes that press is sufficient, but increasingly the PC has crashed and my only option is a fresh start via the reset button.

The hard disk is a 4 GB size and currently shows 2.8 used and 1.2 GB free space.

Are you able to offer any helpful hints and advice with a view A) to revitalising the defrag operation and B) reducing the tendency to crash?

Fingers crossed!

Please accept my thanks in anticipation of a favourable reply.


  Diodorus Siculus 23:00 29 May 2005

What operating system are you using?

If Win98, running in safe mode may help - when booting, press F8 until you get a menu and choose "safe mode".

From there, run defrag.

Running the system file checker may also help: start, run, sfc and press start.

  smokingbeagle 23:27 29 May 2005

and for future use try diskeeper lite. It is freeware but approximately a 12mb download.
click here

  ACOLYTE 23:28 29 May 2005

Have you also ran any spyware apps there may be somthing running in the background that shouldnt be there

click here

click here may help clean the pc up a bit.

also this will clean the junk off and may give you some HDD space back

click here


  Forum Editor 23:49 29 May 2005

I note that you say the defrag started to act up "About two years ago" - have you been experiencing non-completion of your defrags since then?

The symptoms you describe could be caused by one (or more) of many things, but an ageing hard drive might be near the top of the list, as could a corrupted operating system - which Windows version are you using?

  p;3 23:50 29 May 2005

it would also be useful to know which antivirus protection you are using; and when you next get the fatal error screan, can you make a note of what it says with the error code and put that on the forum ; also are you on dial up or broadband?

and if you are having all these problems, I think we may not hear back from you for some time?

  Thowdun 20:52 30 May 2005

Thank you all for your interest.

In response to the Forum Editor's queries,
The PC was bought new in April 1999.
The defrag has not functioned for two years.
The Anti Virus is AVG Free Edition.
The Version is Windows 98.
I use Dial Up.
Conveniently (!) the screen blacked out and then displayed the following message as I read the Forum replies. (Fortunately, the Forum’s messages reappeared with a tap on the space bar.)

“A fatal exception has occurred at 0028: 00700465 The current applications will be terminated. Press any key to terminate current applications. You will lose any unsaved information on all applications.
Press any key to continue."

I hope this is in line with your needs,


  VoG II 21:41 30 May 2005

1. Try a repair of Internet Explorer click here

2. Try defragging using DisKeeper Lite click here (as smokingbeagle suggested).

  p;3 23:15 30 May 2005

have you ever managed to run a scan disk in standard mode on it, and preferably in safe mode; and the defragment I suggest should be run a tads more frequently than 6 monthly ( I am running 98se); to get defrag kicking off can you try starting the computer, then when it is running press ctrl, alt then del which should bring up "close program" box, and then go and close all running programs bar defragment , systray, and explorer ; then see if defragment will run;

you could also see how many files are in your temp internet folders file(tools/internet options/general/settings/view files)

does AVG do a daily update ( or will it let you?) is it fully up to date?

and I presume you receive e mails via OE? have you picked up a nasty from one of them?

has anyone that you know got access to a pc or lappy that you can perhaps "utilise" to read the forum pages if your own pc is not allowing you to get this far::))

  sattman 23:20 30 May 2005

From the error message you most likely have a driver problem.

Are you aware of any changes that you made just before the problem started.

Could it be associated with AVG

  User-312386 23:35 30 May 2005

It could be a corrupt defagmeneter

Download the ME (which works under windows 98) defragmenter click here

Your defrag program is in the C:\Windows directory (double click My Computer), named defrag.exe.

Go check it out so you know where it is. Now, download defrag.exe and save it to disk on the desktop. Now go to C:\Windows and find your original defrag.exe, right click on it and rename it defrag.old or olddefrag.exe.
You'll probably get an alert warning box that tells you what a mistake you're making and do you really want to do this; say yes! It doesn't hurt a thing, as you can always rename it back and nothing will be changed.

Find the defrag.exe that you just downloaded and cut and paste it to C:\Windows folder and.

Your shortcut to defragmenter will open the new one and run it.

I would defrag in safe mode, to do this restart and start tapping the F5 key and then run defrag overnight

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