defrag doesn't get beyond 2%

  palinka 18:25 15 May 2006

OS is Win ME. It's been getting very slow (boot up particularly, but recently performing any task is irritatingly slow) so I decided to do a disk cleanup (temp internet files) and I've deleted old Word docs that I no longer needed. Have 38Mb of photos, but nothing else of any large size. System resources 58% free.
Began Defrag but in half hour it's never got beyond 2%, then it goes back to 0%.
I looked at other threads on the subject that suggest regular defragging is a good idea; well mine hasn't been done in yonks (seem the rememebr that last time i tried had similar experience so gave up). Should I just leave it running and come back several hours later? or do people have other advice?

  VoG II 18:35 15 May 2006
  Mr Mistoffelees 18:40 15 May 2006

Alternatively, try running the Windows defragmenter in safe mode. The reason you are having problems is that another process, that is writing to the hard drive, is interrupting the defrag.

  megapack 18:45 15 May 2006

Disconnect from the web, then stop your anti-virus software and try again. I've known that to be the reason why the defrag stops and restarts.

  woodchip 18:52 15 May 2006

You have background Programs running, they will stop it

  palinka 18:55 15 May 2006

Thanks everyone. I'd already disconnected from the net and had no other programs running; but I hadn't tried stopping my AV.
I'll do that and give it another go.

  Meshuga 19:41 15 May 2006

Make sure your screensaver is turned off.

  palinka 21:46 15 May 2006

thanks, Meshuga; i'd have forgotten that.

  lester1 23:16 15 May 2006

I would follow VOG's suggestion and use Diskeeper lite. It's a very good program and is not stopped by other apps running

  Strawballs 00:30 16 May 2006

I used to do it as Mr Mistoffelees said when I was running 98se I found it worked in safe mode.

  palinka 11:43 21 May 2006

thank you everyone; I've at last had time to sort it out. I downloaded Diskeeper lite & ran it and that did the trick. C drive was VERY fragmented but is now well within the acceptable range.

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