chrissy1 18:30 20 Apr 2008

went into defrag and it said to defrag c....started to 24% and then said defrag complete some files could not be defragmented......Anyway went in again and analyzied and said to defrag....did it again and got same message again after 24% done.....any ideas on this one??...

  VoG II 18:44 20 Apr 2008

See if the same happens with Diskeeper Lite click here

  Earthsea 19:23 20 Apr 2008

This can happen if C: is more than 80% full. Always keep at least 20% of drive space free for correct operation of the drive.

  chrissy1 19:26 20 Apr 2008

I have 52% free

  peter99co 19:49 20 Apr 2008

The defrag is being run as the only job is it?
It is best to close all active or open jobs 1st.

  chrissy1 19:53 20 Apr 2008

Yes it was the only thing i had running......

  peter99co 20:06 20 Apr 2008

My system will not defrag certain type of files
They belong to software in music cleaning etc.
Does a list show which files are fragmented and do you recognise the software they belong to?

A report is created at end of defrag with this info which can be printed.

  maghemite 17:46 21 Apr 2008

Which operating system was this on? I suppose it was XP. Check the defrag analysis for a list of fragmented files. Possibly the master file table (MFT) and page file (PF) were fragmented. The obsolete XP defragmenter cannot defragment these two important system files.

The XP defragmenter also cannot defrag with less than 15% free disk space. Was your free disk space more than 15%?

Unlike the obsolete scheduled/manual defragmenters (such as in XP) Newer automatic defragmenters prevent such problems occuring in the first place. They work in real-time to minimze fragmentation so that the MFT and PF fragmentation is avoided as far as possible. Since fragmentation is monitored and tackled automatically, there will not be a state where the drive is fragmented with insufficient free space to defrag it. Auto defraggers can also defrag with less than 5% free space in extreme cases. Google 'fully automatic defragmenter' for more info.

  Strawballs 21:40 21 Apr 2008

Try running defrag in safe mode

  DieSse 23:52 21 Apr 2008

MS says that in XP and later, Defrag does defragment the Master File Table.

click here

  DieSse 23:57 21 Apr 2008

And they also state that the MFT should only be defragged at boot time. If defragging the MFT goes wrong - better hope you have a complete backup!

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