zoobie 21:00 17 Apr 2005

I was wondering why, after I defrag with diskeeper lite, a bunch of red defragged files still show on the program? When I had Win98se, they were all gone.

Win XP
AMD 2800
Maxtor 60gb
528 ram

  DieSse 21:06 17 Apr 2005

I'm not sure about Diskeeper, but in the WinXP defragger, red stands for read-only files - these cannot be moved about, so cannot be defragged. There are many more of these in WinXP.

  zoobie 21:16 17 Apr 2005

I think I have 2 versions of Diskeeper Lite intalled somehow...One must have come with XP.Thanks

  Sans le Sou 21:20 17 Apr 2005

Thought the reds were fragmented.

  lindyloo4 21:23 17 Apr 2005

I use Diskeeper on XP. Aren't the red lines the remaining fragmented files. Before I defrag there are quite a number of them. After defrag they currently all disappear because my read out is 0 fragmented files. However, on occassionions some fragmented files remain and so do some red lines.

  VoG II 21:25 17 Apr 2005

The "reds" are fragmented files. They will be un-defragmentable if they are read-only.

  zoobie 21:48 17 Apr 2005

From DKL help files.

"On Windows 2000/XP machines, installing Diskeeper Lite will not remove the built-in defragmenter, but Diskeeper Lite will automatically become the default defragmenter."


  DieSse 01:29 18 Apr 2005

VoG™ said what I meant to say, but I put it wrongly.

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